We have finally established a foundation for effective cross-selling after successfully aggregating individual data and being able to identify customers by household.

Susumu Nishizaki, Director of Retail Strategy, North Pacific Bank Ltd.

Business Challenge story

Created through a merger of three major banks, North Pacific Bank Ltd. in Japan struggled to integrate and identify customer data from each of its previous business entities. Because it lacked visibility into client behaviors across business channel expansions, the bank could not implement an effective customer relationship management (CRM) strategy, hindering its marketing efforts.


The bank uses information management, business intelligence and predictive analytics to develop a precise picture of each customer at the household level. Using the solution, the bank can offer timely advice to customers based on a precise understanding of their needs, making its cross- and up-selling campaigns more effective.


The solution enhances profits through more effective integration of client data. North Pacific Bank has strengthened sales by using data analysis to optimize product recommendations. And the solution improves planning through more effective data analysis. North Pacific Bank expects the solution to increase profits, reduce the time to analyze and share data across the company, and improve campaign launch times from weeks to days.

Solution Category

  • Cloud
  • Solution Components

    • Application Monitoring
    • Cognos Business Intelligence
    • GBS AD&I - iX&M - Strategy, Creative & Design
    • GBS BCS - BA&S - BD&A - Big Data & Information Management Foundation
    • IBM Power Systems running AIX
    • InfoSphere Information Server
    • PureData System for Analytics (powered by Netezza technology)
    • SPSS Modeler
    • Workload Automation