With the speed that Aspera FASP offers, you don't need a local ingest site. You can actually transfer data from anywhere in the world

Suresh Bahugudumbi, Senior Manager, NetApp

Business Challenge story

Unable to rely on HTTPS transfers for large data files, NetApp would direct customers to a standard FTP upload site, but they quickly found FTP lacked continuity and reliability – if a connection broke and the transfer failed, the customer would have to start over from the beginning causing delays, and extending the time it took to diagnose the problem. As a last resort for high-priority cases, NetApp occasionally retrieved core files by sending a support engineer to the customer site to physically load the data onto a drive. But this method was expensive, time consuming and did not meet the stringent security that NetApp requires. NetApp sought a file-transfer solution to provide speed, reliability, security, and the flexibility for customers to send data from anywhere in the world, whether they are located in Amsterdam, New York, or Singapore.


NetApp successfully implemented a software suite from IBM® Aspera® that included Aspera Point-to-Point, Aspera Connect Server, and the Aspera Console Management Application. This included enhancing the web portal to upload core files via the Aspera Connect Browser Plug-in and creating workflows to interface with NetApp systems for case ID validation, core file checking and file routing. The Connect browser plug-in allows users to upload core files to a centralized Connect Server, while Aspera Point-to-Point transfers files to the appropriate internal destination. Aspera Console monitors the transfer environment and adjusts transfer rates as needed to make sure time-critical projects are prioritized.


Aspera maximizes available bandwidth, even on low-capacity networks, allowing NetApp customers to achieve transfer speed increases of 9 to 10 times, bumping up average transfer rates from 1.5 Mbps with HTTPS to 15.5 Mbps using FASP. Benefitting both NetApp and their customers, Aspera software provides the flexibility, speed, and security for clients to send their files to NetApp dependably, and in turn NetApp is able to offer the quick turnaround times and simple, easy-to-use transfer process that makes their support solution an industry leader.

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