Business challenge

To help reinvent its technology landscape, Nedbank Group Ltd. sought an application programming interface (API) management solution that could help it unlock the potential of its data and services.


Nedbank uses IBM API Connect software to develop, manage and distribute its APIs.


7 APIs published

within one hour using the IBM API Connect platform

Improves consistency

among multiple API implementations and versions

Increases insight

into customer behaviors and preferences, improving customer engagement

Business challenge story

Joining the digital economy

As part of the overall strategy to reinvent its technology landscape, Nedbank wanted to participate in the application programming interface (API) economy. The bank’s IT department was under pressure to support applications on a wide range of mobile operating systems and digital platforms. The bank also wanted to build channels to identify new customers, increase engagement with existing customers and generate new partnerships.

To unlock the potential of its data and services, Nedbank sought the ability to quickly and easily publish APIs to internal developers and, eventually, external partners. “We wanted to create new, highly capable and secure APIs and, in the process, create new distribution channels,” says Sewis Van Wyk, Enterprise Architecture Executive at Nedbank. “We knew we had to join the digital economy or we would be left behind.”

Just last week, we pushed out seven APIs in the matter of an hour. The speed to market of our projects has increased significantly.

Sewis Van Wyk , Enterprise Architecture Executive, Nedbank Group Ltd.

Transformation story

Creating an API platform

Nedbank used IBM API Connect software to provide a robust developer, management and distribution platform for all of its APIs. The software offers built-in reporting and analytics capabilities and a developer portal. After staff members provision an API, they can see how API traffic trends over time, gain insight into API capabilities, and determine whether the API generates new income streams.

A key API that Nedbank created provides a 360-degree view of each customer so that banking staff can better manage customer service and increase insight into customer needs. “It helps us understand how to treat our customers, know which opportunities to present to them to increase engagement, and improve our customer experience,” says Van Wyk. This essential API draws on data from IBM Master Data Management software. “APIs are actually one of the key enablers in unlocking the potential of the Master Data Management implementation,” says Van Wyk.

Results story

Accelerating API development

With the API solution, Nedbank quickly creates and publishes APIs. “Development speed depends on the complexity of the API, of course, but just last week, we pushed out seven APIs in the matter of an hour,” says Van Wyk. The IBM API Connect platform helped increase productivity because it includes development tools, such as a self-service portal for developers that includes API discovery and subscription capabilities. “The speed to market of our projects has increased significantly,” says Van Wyk. The IBM API Connect application also helps provide consistency among multiple API implementations and versions and offers security capabilities because each API is wrapped in Nedbank’s security policies and procedures.

The solution’s API management dashboard also provides analytics, such as usage statistics, so that staff can see which applications consume APIs and where potential performance bottlenecks are. “The management desk provides you with a lot of information that can help you shape your business strategies based on insights that you gain from statistics and analytics,” says Van Wyk.

Nedbank plans to take IBM API Connect software to the next level by using DevOps methods. “We’re going to try to make it a key component in our DevOps journey, our continuous delivery pipeline” says Van Wyk.


Nedbank Group Ltd.

Nedbank is one of South Africa’s largest banks, employing more than 30,000 people. The group serves over four million customers and is headquartered in Sandton, South Africa. Nedbank offers corporate, retail and investment banking, as well as wealth management services. The bank’s primary marketplace is South Africa, but it is expanding into other countries in Africa.

Solution components

  • API Connect
  • Master Data Management

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