Business challenge

Supporting its cornerstone fleet management platform with a traditional hosting solution, Naveo suffered from downtime that affected service delivery.


After provisioning a powerful IBM Cloud bare metal server infrastructure, the business launched Naveo One, an all-in-one fleet management solution.


Eliminates downtime

and improves service with IBM Cloud technology designed for dependable performance

Reduces IT burden

and frees IT staff to focus on business-critical activities

Enhances value proposition

by backing its offering with a trusted global cloud hosting brand

Business challenge story

Seeking a highly reliable hosting platform

Supporting its cornerstone fleet management platform with a traditional hosting solution, Naveo suffered from unreliable service. “We had downtime issues that were not acceptable because they affected our credibility as a solution provider,” says Bilal Nanhuck, director of sales development. “Many of our customers work 24x7 and cannot afford to have downtime.”

Naveo wanted to team with a trusted global cloud provider offering highly reliable hosting infrastructure. “It was also important to have control of the hosting solution on our side and easily accessible data,” says Nanhuck.

IBM Cloud brings a value-add to our business proposition. Customers know they can expect performance and stability.

Bilal Nanhuck, Director of Sales Development, Naveo

Transformation story

Provisioning IBM Cloud bare metal servers

After testing IBM Cloud technology, Naveo migrated its fleet management solution from its GoDaddy hosting environment to a IBM Cloud infrastructure. “We did a trial and saw a clear-cut difference with IBM Cloud in terms of stability,” says Nanhuck.

Provisioning powerful bare metal server infrastructure in the IBM Cloud data center in Paris, France, the business launched Naveo One, a robust all-in-one platform offering telemetry, telematics and geographic information system (GIS) capabilities.

Results story

Improving service and reducing IT maintenance

With IBM Cloud hosting infrastructure, Naveo eliminated downtime and improved service delivery. “Since we’ve moved to IBM Cloud, we haven’t had any issues with downtime, and our customers have seen the difference,” says Nanhuck.

The high-performance IBM Cloud solution frees Naveo’s IT team to focus on more business-critical activities. “Previously, our IT staff was spending time looking after our hosting platform,” says Nanhuck. “Now that it runs on its own, we have more time to concentrate on our core business.”

Finally, the IBM Cloud platform enhances the value proposition Naveo brings to market. “IBM Cloud brings a value-add to our business proposition,” says Nanhuck. “Customers know they can expect performance and stability.”



Established in 2007 and located in Moka on the island nation of Mauritius, Naveo specializes in fleet management solutions. The business provides tracking tools designed to help customers dispatch vehicles more effectively, improve worker performance and reduce operating costs.

Solution components

  • IBM Bluemix
  • IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers
  • IBM Services for Managed Applications

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