To capitalize on the impact of weather on product sales, identify optimal times to serve weather-based messaging, and improve campaign performance and efficiency, The Weather Company and a national home improvement retailer came together for a first-of-its-kind 4-year partnership, leveraging custom data analysis in conjunction with the retailer’s proprietary sales data.

The Weather Company on-boarded and analyzed the home improvement retailer’s sales data, and made recommendations on when advertising should be served based on weather impact. In turn, WEATHERfx triggers were used not just to deliver media, but also as part of seasonal planning by recommending specific products to advertise each quarter.

The partnership consistently exceeded the retailer’s benchmark across all elements of each campaign, and the 2014-2015 partnership resulted in a 59% improvement year-over-year.


2014-2015 year-over-year highlights include:

  • +420% CTR desktop banner ads
  • +54% CTR WEATHERfx 300×600 banners
  • +1299% CTR animated desktop branded background takeovers
  • +2376% CTR desktop branded backgrounds
  • +35% CTR mobile branded backgrounds
  • +368% CTR in-store foot traffic (10.81% sales lift)

Focus Area

  • AI/Watson