We’re all creatures of habit. Once we find a product we like, we stick to it – especially when it comes to our coffee.

To get consumers to think outside the box, a national coffee brand came to IBM Watson Advertising with the goal of leveraging the powerful connection between weather and emotion to target customers when their local weather was warmer than usual or colder than usual, and serve relevant advertising using proprietary weather triggers.

In tandem with their holiday media campaign on The Weather Channel digital properties, this QSR leveraged IBM Watson Advertising Weather Targeting data partnership to activate similar tactics programmatically, on other off-property publishers through The Trade Desk – becoming the first QSR partner to do so. For example, in “warmer-than-usual” conditions, consumers were served ads for iced beverages.

This campaign lead the way for QSRs in the area of off-property programmatic with IBM Watson Advertising and The Trade Desk.


By applying Weather Targeting, the campaign was more targeted and relevant based on local weather conditions. The campaign generated:

  • .08% overall CTR
  • +33% above KPI benchmarks

Focus Area

  • AI/Watson