IBM Watson Advertising and National Beverage Brand
143% increase in conversion rate for a national beverage brand with IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator plus Click2Cart
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IBM Watson® Advertising Accelerator delivers personalized, high-performing creative at scale by harnessing AI to predict the optimal combination of creative elements based on key signals like consumer reaction, weather, and time of day.

Business challenge

Recent changes to shopping behavior have led to an eCommerce boom, with more consumers shopping digitally rather than in store. Brands are challenged more than ever to deliver a personalized message to each user to drive engagement.

A leading national beverage brand came to IBM Watson Advertising looking to reach relevant audiences during the holiday season and increase online and in-store purchases at key retailers.


The brand leveraged IBM Watson Advertising Accelerator plus Click2Cart technology to deliver the most effective digital creative to each user and drive their primary conversion metric—consumer clicks to cart at five key retailers.

Accelerator uses Watson machine learning, trained on consumer engagement and user data, to predict the creative variations that are most likely to drive conversions among various audiences.

The addition of Click2Cart technology allowed consumers to place the brand’s products directly into a retailer's shopping cart from their online ad unit, ultimately driving action—not just interest—for purchases of their products.

Watson continuously learned which creative elements and products resonated with audiences, delivering a personalized ad to the right user every time.

Accelerator's predictive technology, powered by AI, plus Click2Cart drove impressive results, including an impressive increase in conversion rate:

  • 143% increase in conversion rate from start to end of the campaign
  • 108 creative variations
  • 990 total clicks to cart

In addition, the brand learned which creative elements and messaging resonated best with different audiences, including that seasonally relevant creative and ‘click to cart’ specific messaging drove more conversions than generic headlines.

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