In today’s healthy-eating climate, consumers are more aware of the ingredients in their food and often seek healthy alternatives. Because of this trend, a leading bakery-café brand came to IBM Watson Advertising looking to drive trust and increase sales among consumers, while reinforcing the notion that the brand’s menu features craveable, clean food that consumers can feel good about eating.

Weather not only affects what kind of food people crave, it also affects whether people even go out to eat in the first place. With this in mind, IBM Watson Advertising and the bakery-café leveraged animated high-impact first screen takeovers to capitalize on the impact of weather and bring the brand’s 100% clean creative to life on The Weather Channel website and app. Dynamic store locator functionality adapted messaging to the user’s weather and location, pulling in the nearest store locations.

In addition, the brand’s clean eating creative was integrated into native carousel units on The Weather Channel website and app which showcased multiple menu items in a native environment, and applied IBM Watson Advertising Weather Targeting using activity and relative condition triggers to run media when optimal conditions were present to increase foot traffic.

A NinthDecimal study also measured the impact of the advertising campaign on in-store traffic.


With Weather Targeting and store locator adaptors, the brand saw:

  • 22% sales lift
  • 188K incremental store visits
  • 1.40% CTR for mobile video on The Weather Channel with Weather Targeting (+69% vs. benchmark)
  • 30% waste reduction
  • +74% CTR vs. benchmark for integrated marquee backgrounds on The Weather Channel

Focus Area

  • AI/Watson