Business challenge

To stand out in the Gulf’s managed services space, MWTI aimed to equip its clients with the collaboration capabilities they need to compete effectively in an increasingly digital economy.


MWTI uses IBM Verse and IBM Connections Cloud to deliver its next-generation collaboration offering, and is helping its managed services clients move seamlessly to the platform.



MWTI’s clients to use digital collaboration tools to boost their efficiency


MWTI’s competitiveness and helps attract new managed services clients

Supports 400,000+

collaboration users, enabling MWTI to grow its business

Business challenge

Reacting fast to new demands

Around the world, CEO priorities are shifting to embrace digital business—and the Gulf region is no exception. As businesses drive digital transformations to enhance operational efficiency and deliver increased value to customers, leading managed services providers like MWTI are looking for innovative ways to help companies achieve their goals.

Rajiv Raman, General Manager at MWTI, begins: “We act as a one-stop-shop for the IT needs of more than 12,000 small and medium businesses across the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain. Our clients’ requirements are constantly evolving, and to grow our business we need to adapt our services accordingly.”

As increasing numbers of MWTI’s clients began using mobile devices and digital tools to drive their day-to-day operations, the company saw an opportunity to enhance its services.

“In the past, our collaboration offering was based on email hosting,” comments Rajiv Raman. “Because our clients now rely more heavily on data-driven systems, many of their employees are turning to email as their primary collaboration tool, which presents a number of challenges.

“As well as consuming large amounts of bandwidth to send documents as email attachments, many of our clients were telling us that it was difficult for their people to manage their work effectively using emails and phone calls alone. To solve that challenge—and to differentiate ourselves in the managed services market—we aimed to offer enterprise-class collaboration capabilities.”

Thanks to our IBM collaboration solutions, we’re set to deliver the capabilities our clients need to thrive in the digital economy.

Rajiv Raman, General Manager, MWTI

Transformation story

Enabling seamless digital collaboration

To form the basis of its new collaboration offering, MWTI selected IBM Connections Cloud and IBM Verse. IBM Connections Cloud and IBM Verse enable people to work together via emails, instant messages, digital communities and more.

“It quickly became clear that the cloud model was the best fit for our goals,” recalls Rajiv Raman. “By allowing people to link to a single version of a file in the cloud rather than sending copies of that same file as email attachments, we knew our clients’ could dramatically reduce the loads on their networks. Better still, storing documents in the cloud opens the possibility for capabilities such as collaborative editing, which simply weren’t available to them before.”

He continues: “Of all the cloud collaboration solutions we considered, we were most impressed with the IBM platform. Our clients are embracing systems of insight such as analytics and customer relationship management applications, and we needed a solution that could seamlessly integrate with a wide range of third-party platforms. As well as delivering the out-of-the-box integrations we wanted, IBM Connections Cloud offers a comprehensive range of collaboration capabilities such as wikis, file sharing and video meetings—both online and on mobile devices.”

Working together with a team from IBM, MWTI is configuring its collaboration services and preparing to migrate the first wave of clients to the platform.

“We currently host 400,000 users from 12,000 companies on our email platform, and our ultimate goal is to encourage all of those businesses to move their users to the cloud,” explains Rajiv Raman. “Our clients are always looking for ways to help their people work as effectively as possible, and we see that offering collaboration solutions powered by artificial intelligence will be a powerful incentive to encourage them to embrace the platform.”

Results story

Delivering market-leading services

With IBM collaboration solutions at the heart of its new managed services offering, MWTI is confident it will sharpen its edge in a competitive marketplace.

“Our aim is to deploy a multi-tenant cloud platform that will support in excess of 400,000 collaboration users, which will set us head and shoulders above our competitors,” comments Rajiv Raman. “Crucially, our services will support our clients on their journey to digital transformation. By equipping our clients with the tools they need to succeed, we will be in a strong position to win new business from across the region—driving our own growth.”

MWTI already has plans to integrate its IBM platform with other solutions in its portfolio—including its Box cloud content management platform.

“IBM Connections Cloud and Box are tightly integrated, and we see great potential to use the advanced content management capabilities of Box to enable our clients to manage more their digital workflows in IBM Connections Cloud,” comments Rajiv Raman.

He concludes: “We serve clients from across a wide range of different industries, but they all share a common goal: to empower their people to work together and succeed. Thanks to our IBM collaboration solutions, we’re set to deliver the capabilities our clients need to thrive in the digital economy.”

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Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, MWTI Middle East Technology LLC is a leading provider of managed services. With expertise in service areas including data center security, e-commerce and collaboration, the company supports 400,000 business users from 12,000 companies across the region.

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