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To protect their businesses, companies need to know that customers are who they say they are. MobileID set out to build a fast, low-cost alternative to traditional identify verification methods.


MobileID is developing sector-specific mobile apps that can verify customer identities in seconds. Based on flexible APIs developed in the IBM Cloud, they help users conduct business with confidence.


50% faster

development than anticipated, enabling short time-to-market

75% saving

on programming effort, reducing cost of development


market share through low cost, highly secure, compliant and responsive identity services

Business challenge story

Adapting to identity challenges in a digital world

In recent years, the way that companies do business has changed beyond recognition. Enterprises can use the internet to reach a wider client base, while consumers have access to more choice than ever before. With less face-to-face interaction between companies and their customers, the challenges of identity verification are evolving.

Craig Hartwell, CEO at MobileID, explains: “Building trusted relationships is an essential part of doing business. Companies want to confirm that potential customers are who they say they are to protect themselves, but existing identity verification processes are often slow and costly. At the same time, data protection rules are becoming more stringent in many parts of the world. GDPR was just the start – businesses must ensure that their identity checks comply with changing regulatory standards.”

MobileID was established to address the need for more efficient, compliant identity verification tools, which safeguard both businesses and consumers. To move rapidly on this opportunity, the company looked for the right infrastructure and development tools to bring its vision to life.

“When you develop a totally new solution, you can’t predict the time, effort or resources that will be involved,” says Hartwell. “We wanted to find a versatile technology vendor to come on this journey with us that could provide scalable, cost-effective cloud solutions to support swift development.”

IBM Cloud is helping us to achieve speed to market. With support from IBM technology, we developed our prototype in half the expected time, enabling us to seize opportunities ahead of our competitors.

Ian Bloom, CIO, MobileID

Transformation story

Off to a flying start

MobileID built its identity verification solutions in the IBM Cloud, taking advantage of services for development, databases and storage. With access to best-of-breed solutions via the IBM Cloud, the company keeps development speed high while controlling costs.

Ian Bloom, CIO at MobileID, adds: “IBM is a global leader in secure computing, making them a natural choice for a solution that has consumers’ personal data at its heart. Combined, the IBM Cloud catalog of services and IBM’s unrivalled network of technologists help us achieve rapid innovation. We were delighted that IBM designated a senior advisor to help us use the technology to its full potential.”

MobileID created a super-agile API, which can be adapted to industry-specific requirements. The company’s first product is TenantID, a mobile app targeted at the property rental sector. It gives landlords a one-stop solution for the validation of potential tenants’ identities.

All of MobileID’s applications will be free to download and include some no-cost features. With TenantID, landlords can upload photos of a person’s identity documents and enter their email address for free GDPR, Right to Rent and referencing functions. The Right to Rent check fulfills the UK government’s law of the same name, which requires landlords to verify that a tenant can legally rent a residential property, while simultaneously storing the information gathered in an encrypted searchable GDPR-compliant database. Hartwell comments: “This is a totally unique service at a price no other providers can currently match.”

If users want extra protection, they can opt for pay-per-use functions including facial recognition (“selfie”), UK and international document and address checks, giving them a risk-based assessment of how likely it is that a person is telling the truth about their identity.

In parallel to sector-specific mobile applications, MobileID is also developing blockchain identity verification solutions with support from IBM. Hartwell says: “We’re very excited about our work with blockchain. IBM are at the cutting edge of this disruptive technology. We’re working closely with them to develop identity verification platforms based on their Hyperledger Fabric, aimed at larger enterprises.”

With IBM’s world-class cloud infrastructure powering our solutions, we’re poised to take the market by storm by solving the identity verification challenges of today and tomorrow.

Craig Hartwell, CEO, MobileID

Results story

Cruising the road to market

MobileID is taking advantage of IBM Cloud development tools to maintain a rapid rate of innovation. The company created a prototype ahead of target, in just seven months, and now plans to release a new sector-specific mobile app every three months.

“IBM Cloud is helping us to achieve speed to market, which is so critical to a new company’s success,” says Bloom. “With support from IBM technology, we developed our prototype in half the expected time, enabling us to seize opportunities ahead of our competitors and speed up our revenue-generating timeline.”

Through the IBM Cloud, MobileID’s developers can build on existing services and automate processes, allowing them to work even more productively. As a result, the company can make better use of specialist developer skills, which are in short supply.

“We estimate that we cut programming effort by around 75 percent with IBM Cloud solutions,” adds Bloom. “Rather than creating everything from scratch, our developers can re-use tried and tested code for basic functionality, so they can focus on what makes our solutions special.”

MobileID is now primed to capture market share through its highly secure, compliant and fast-response identity verification solutions. As the company launches its products, it can be confident that it can scale up quickly, using IBM Cloud resources to meet demand.

Hartwell concludes: “Working with IBM gives us access to industry-leading innovation that is usually reserved for much larger organizations. With IBM’s world-class cloud infrastructure powering our solutions, we’re poised to take the market by storm by solving the identity verification challenges of today and tomorrow.”

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About MobileID

MobileID develops innovative, cloud-based and mobile document and identity verification applications that include some free-to-use features alongside pay-per-use upgrades. The company’s first solution, TenantID, enables landlords to identify potential tenants in seconds using their mobile phones. Based in London, United Kingdom and with a global reach, MobileID aims to simplify compliance with complex data regulations including GDPR.

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