Business Challenge

Ever received a “targeted” ad that made you scratch your head? MILVUS wanted to help clients better understand consumer preferences—but manual processes made it difficult to deliver services at scale.


MILVUS deployed an automated, cloud-based approach to digital marketing, enabling it to ingest, analyze and utilize its clients’ consumer behavior data to bring tailored campaigns to market rapidly.



targeted marketing campaigns at low cost in the cloud


campaign effectiveness and delivers added value to clients


MILVUS’s service offering and enhances its reputation

Business Challenge Story

Connecting with customers across every channel

Today’s connected consumers browse, shop and buy through more channels than ever. For B2C retailers, the challenge is to deliver timely, compelling messages on the optimal touchpoint to capture the customer’s attention and inspire them to purchase.

To achieve their marketing objectives, many leading retailers engage specialist digital marketing agencies such as MILVUS to execute their customer engagement strategies.

Henry Kang, Head of CRM Business at MILVUS explains: “To succeed in an intensely competitive marketplace, retailers must understand and market to their customers’ unique preferences. At MILVUS, we help our clients to harness the data they collect on real-world customer behavior to drive marketing planning and execution.

“Our clients include well-known global brands, and we analyze historical customer data such as sales, web browsing and interactions with the brand on social media to help uncover and pursue opportunities for personalized marketing campaigns.”

He continues: “In recent years, the exploding popularity of online, mobile and social platforms has created a diverse and complex mixture of channels. In the past, we relied heavily on manual processes and systems to process, analyze and harness our clients’ data to shape compelling campaigns.

“As our clients collected an ever-increasing volume and variety of data, we realized that our existing approach was driving up the operational cost and complexity of our services. To tackle the challenge head-on, we decided to look for a more automated and efficient way of working.”

We are helping our clients to deliver the kinds of compelling, personalized messages that inspire customers to purchase.

Henry Kang, Head of CRM Business, MILVUS

Transformation Story

Taking marketing to the cloud

To realize its vision for tailored omni-channel marketing at speed and scale, MILVUS decided to replace its manual processes with a highly automated, integrated approach based in the cloud.

“Our clients need us to extract actionable insights from large amounts of customer behavior data, and working with large databases was taking up precious time that we could otherwise spend on value-added campaign development tasks,” recalls Henry Kang.

“By embracing the cloud as our service-delivery platform, it is faster and easier to connect with and utilize our clients’ data. Today, we simply link their databases securely through the cloud, and we can start drilling down into the information for patterns and trends immediately.”

By replacing multiple on-premises systems for lead management, email marketing and mobile engagement with a single, cloud-based platform, MILVUS is achieving greater speed and precision in its analysis.

“Designing and executing compelling digital campaigns demands a 360-degree view of every customer based on their interactions with the brand on multiple touchpoints, and using that insight to share the most appealing message through the best channel,” says Henry Kang.

“We can now uncover each customer’s individual preferences at the touch of button, which makes it easier to refine our clients’ own customer segments. As a result, we can identity marketing opportunities with a higher degree of precision and confidence, and ensure that we are addressing the right audience with every campaign.”

He adds: “Better still, by replacing multiple on-premises marketing systems with a centralized cloud platform, we can offer these value-added services to our clients faster and while keeping our operational costs flat.”

Results Story

Targeted campaigns help clients stand out from the crowd

With powerful analytics and automation supporting its marketing processes from end-to-end, MILVUS is helping its clients to differentiate themselves with tailored marketing campaigns.

“In the past, we needed to spend hundreds of person-hours preparing our clients’ customer data for analysis—which limited the speed and responsiveness of our campaign launches,” explains Henry Kang. “Today, that’s all changed. Because we have embraced a single platform for the entire campaign lifecycle—including building the strategy, developing the messaging, executing the campaign and tracking the results—we have dramatically reduced the amount of manual effort required to drive the process.”

He continues: “As a result, we can launch more targeted, compelling campaigns each month, and analyze the results in real-time via intuitive dashboards that show us how each campaign is performing against its targets. If we see that a particular campaign isn’t delivering the expected value, we can immediately take action to identify and resolve the underlying cause—delivering better results for our clients.”

MILVUS is already utilizing its new approach to digital marketing to develop innovative campaigns for world-leading brands. For example, by comparing information on Facebook fans of one consumer products manufacturer with data on recent sales, MILVUS shaped an ultra-targeted campaign that boosted brand engagement, drove up digital sales and cultivated greater customer loyalty.

“Online and mobile are two of the fastest-evolving channels that we work with, and we see that our clients’ satisfaction with our services is directly related to our ability to deliver in those two key areas,” comments Henry Kang.

“Thanks to our new, integrated approach to digital marketing, we can avoid the risk of human error while communicating effectively with customers across a broad range of touchpoints and devices. Looking to the future, we see that cognitive computing solutions have great potential to help us augment our clients’ decision-making processes, and further increase the business value of our services.”

He concludes: “By embracing an automated, integrated approach to digital marketing in the cloud, we are helping our clients to deliver the kinds of compelling, personalized messages that inspire customers to purchase.”



Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, MILVUS provides cutting-edge, data-driven services for customer relationship management (CRM). With expertise in digital strategy, analytics and execution, MILVUS delivers a comprehensive range of CRM services that help leading brands to drive effective, omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Solution Components

  • Consumer Centric Retailing
  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation

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