If you’re going for a run, checking the weather before you head outside is as important as, well, putting on your shoes. Knowing the forecast can help you plan your route and prepare for the conditions.

So when Michelob ULTRA wanted to show active adults that their beer wouldn’t undo all the hard work they put in each day, the brand turned to IBM Watson Advertising.

The partnership produced GoRun, a personalized feature inside The Weather Channel mobile app that helps runners and everyday athletes plan their outdoor workouts according to the weather—at that moment and through the rest of the week.

GoRun also helps runners understand how temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind can affect their bodies during a workout. They can even customize it based on their preferred outdoor conditions.



Not only did the effort enable Michelob ULTRA to connect on a personal level with active consumers, it left some key success metrics in the dust.

  • 300x250 banner ads on The Weather Channel properties resulted in a .50% CTR, 5x higher than industry benchmarks*
  • Desktop video branded backgrounds on weather.com resulted in a 1.56% CTR (1460% above The Weather Channel benchmarks)
  • Bobile branded backgrounds on The Weather Channel app resulted in a .88% CTR (105% above The Weather Channel benchmarks)

*Google Display Benchmark for rich media creative in Food and Drink Category

Focus Area

  • AI/Watson