In 15 months, we not only had to show quality measures, which we did using the Explorys solution we had to act and show improvements in those measures to apply for NCQA recognition. With the Explorys solution, we were able to start from EHR implementation and move to documenting quality improvements in sufficient manner.

- Dr. Ken Bertka, CMO of Mercy Medical Partners and the Mercy Clinically Integrated Network, Mercy Health

Business Challenge story

Mercy Health needed to transition its primary care offices to a PCMH model while developing an efficient way to manage its clinical quality measures to meet certification requirements.


Watson Health™ helped Mercy Health meet the aggressive NCQA’s PCMH 15-month certification timeline with an intuitive cloud-based analytics solution for their population health management goals.


The Watson Health SaaS-based solution helped Mercy Health improve their patient quality measurements and outcomes; provide faster and more intuitive training for their employees; achieve aggressive certification requirements, and make vital information available to physicians on demand.

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