We calculated that our private cloud from IBM Global Technology Services enables us to avoid 25 percent in capital costs, compared to deploying a comparable IT platform in-house.

Leonidas Varvasenitis, Financial Director, Melissa Kikizas S.A.

Business Challenge story

Pasta and semolina producer Melissa Kikizas realized that reducing inventory levels across its warehouses in Greece would enable it to unlock significant financial benefits – but how could it avoid the risk of under-stocking?


Melissa Kikizas deployed end-to-end business processes based on SAP ERP software hosted in an IBM private cloud, enabling it to identify and maintain the optimal stock levels at each of its warehouses.


Today, Melissa Kikizas has reduced its warehouse inventory levels by 10 percent – improving cash flow while streamlining its processes to ensure that there is always stock on hand to capture and fulfill every sales opportunity, plus reducing delivery delays by 20 percent.

  • Cloud
  • Solution components

    • GBS BCS - EA SAP : Core ERP Central Component - ECC
    • GBS BCS EA - SAP
    • GTS Strategic Outsourcing
    • IBM Global Business Services
    • IBM Power Systems
    • IBM-SAP Alliance
    • SAP ERP
    • SAP ERP Financials
    • SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse