Business Challenge

To scale and enhance the reliability of its cloud platform, MediStreams Inc. needed to team with a cloud infrastructure provider offering dedicated hardware options and proven VMware tools and support.


IBM provisioned IBM Cloud infrastructure, establishing connectivity with MediStreams’s existing cloud environment, and deployed the VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud offering to manage the company’s VMware resources.


Decreases launch time

for new customers with the IBM Cloud hosting solution

Gains competitive edge

by establishing a reputation for quick, agile solution deployment

Scales for growth

cost-effectively with IBM Cloud resources available on demand and data sharing between sites at no charge

Business challenge story

Seeking the right cloud provider for growth

Founded by experts in healthcare IT, MediStreams delivers solutions for a critical industry niche. “The healthcare revenue cycle refers to all the aspects that have to do with the financial, rather than the clinical, side of healthcare,” says Chief Executive Officer James Coyle. “Essentially, our offerings handle all of the inputs—paper and electronic—that have to do with how medical providers get paid.”

After initially building and managing its own data center environment, MediStreams transitioned to a cloud-based delivery model for its offerings. But with business continuing to expand, the company soon needed to enhance the reliability and scalability of its cloud platform to keep pace with growth. To extend its infrastructure, MediStreams wanted to team with a well-established cloud provider offering tools and support for its VMware environment and dedicated hardware resources for its healthcare customers.

Teaming with IBM for cloud infrastructure immediately lets people know that we’re a company operating at a higher level.

James Coyle, Chief Executive Officer, MediStreams Inc.

Transformation story

Expanding seamlessly with an IBM Cloud solution

MediStreams chose an IBM Cloud solution based on the platform’s dedicated hosting options and robust portfolio of offerings for supporting and managing VMware workloads. Additionally, the organization appreciated IBM’s global reputation for high-reliability, security-rich infrastructure solutions. “Teaming with IBM for cloud infrastructure immediately lets people know that we’re a company operating at a higher level,” says Coyle.

IBM provisioned bare metal server infrastructure in the IBM Cloud data center in Dallas, Texas, establishing virtual private network (VPN) connectivity with MediStreams’s existing cloud environment in Las Vegas, Nevada, to create a highly resilient hosting platform. A VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud deployment running in the IBM Cloud environment provides MediStreams with powerful capabilities for managing and rapidly scaling its VMware resources and a tier of Endurance block storage.

Results story

Speeding deployment time and scaling cost-effectively

For businesses providing healthcare revenue solutions, working with a new customer typically requires a lengthy onboarding process. With its IBM Cloud platform, MediStreams significantly reduces deployment time and gains a competitive edge in the industry. “When you have your software running on really solid, scalable infrastructure like IBM Cloud, the time from closing a contract to going live with a new customer is shortened,” says Coyle. “We’ve seen a significant reduction, and it’s something that’s starting to be recognized when providers are assessing vendors. We’re now pretty well-known for the fact that we’re agile and can deliver in a minimal time period.”

As MediStreams continues to expand its offering portfolio and customer base, the company will flexibly and cost-effectively support growth with IBM Cloud resources available on demand and data sharing between IBM Cloud sites at no charge. “With what we’ve got in the pipeline, I can’t imagine what it would be like if I couldn’t make the phone to let IBM know we need additional infrastructure and have it up and running very quickly,” says Coyle.


MediStreams LLC

Established in 2009, MediStreams offers cutting-edge IT solutions for managing the healthcare revenue cycle. Providing payment processing, explanation of benefits (EOB) conversion, reconciliation, medical lockbox and correspondence capabilities, the company’s product suite helps healthcare providers improve process efficiency and drive down costs while maintaining compliance with all associated regulatory agencies. MediStreams is a privately held business headquartered in Roswell, Georgia.

Solution Components

  • 6950-17H VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud (Cloud BU)
  • IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

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