Our EMR is the foundation of what we do to maintain the digital patient within our ecosystem…the integration was enormous

Matt Hillesheim, Technical Leader, Messaging, Mayo Clinic

Business Challenge

Accurate patient data is fundamental to the integrated clinical practice, education, and research conducted at the Mayo Clinic. The EMR or Electronic Medical Record is the basis for the trusted patient information required by the Mayo ecosystem of clinicians, researchers and partners. 


Matt Hillesheim is the technical leader for messaging at the Mayo Clinic in the United States.  Mayo is a world-renown medical center and the hub of an ecosystem of clinicians, researchers and partners that advance medical thought and care for patients. Matt and his team are focused on the integration of data from diverse legacy systems to produce the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) that is the basis of patient information to serve their community.  Solutions from the IBM Hybrid Cloud Integration portfolio are helping to accomplish this significant challenge.

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