Business challenge

Because of siloed data-storage systems that prevented access to or visibility into critical customer data, the fitness company lacked the insight it needed to drive further business growth.


By integrating IBM Analytics solutions with the company’s Salesforce CRM application, Sirius helped the client gain the customer insight to generate future business value.


Provides a new level of data custody

to enable analysis and reporting on critical information

Empowers franchisees

to use data for business decision-making

Establishes a foundation

for future predictive and prescriptive analytics

Business challenge story

Missing out on data insights

With more than 12 million members using its network of health and fitness facilities, this fitness membership company collects an enormous amount of data every day about its members and store operations — including member usage statistics, enrollment rates, contract and payment statuses, staffing, facility operations management and much more. Making sense of that information is critically important to not only the company’s corporate management, but also to its extensive network of franchisees that independently own and operate its facilities.

Unfortunately, that customer and operational data was scattered across multiple systems in siloed data sources. The client needed a way to bring that information together to analyze and draw actionable intelligence from it to drive further business growth.

Furthermore, its franchisees wanted that same access to their own customer data. According to Chad Knutson, Big Data Business and Analytics Practice Director at Sirius, franchisee reporting was critical to driving future value for the organization. “The client needed to bring all the separate data sources together so that a franchisee could log in and get a quick snapshot of how they were doing from a renewal or revenue perspective,” he says.

The client set out to find a powerful data warehouse solution that would integrate with its existing Salesforce CRM application and to implement an automated means to push critical information out to franchisees using a custom dashboard and powerful reporting functionality.

The integration of the Cognos environment with the Salesforce application lets both headquarters and franchisees run business reports directly.

Chad Knutson, Big Data Business and Analytics Practice Director, Sirius

Transformation story

Capturing and integrating critical data

Starting in the summer of 2017, the fitness company engaged IBM Business Partner, Sirius, to enhance its enterprise data warehouse to bring together two critical data components: membership lifecycle information from its gym management software, and store lifecycle information gathered through its customized Salesforce CRM application. Sirius took on two roles: a trusted advisor to help develop a framework for how to sequence the work, and a technology partner to help implement the technical strategy.

Work began with a two-day workshop — during which Sirius helped the client identify key business areas where it could drive value — followed by a prioritization exercise. Says Knutson, “We then laid out a strategy roadmap based on what would bring the most business value and what made the most logical sense in terms of acquiring and streamlining the data.”

The Sirius consultants integrated a full suite of IBM Analytics functionality with the client’s customized Salesforce CRM application. The integration solution uses the IBM InfoSphere® DataStage® platform to extract, transfer and load (ETL) data from its multiple systems into a self-contained data warehouse in the IBM PureData® System for Analytics data appliance. The solution uses the company’s IBM Cognos Analytics software for analytics and reporting. Finally, the entire IBM Analytics stack is hosted on an IBM PureApplication® System hybrid cloud platform. The resulting solution captures and analyzes the organization’s Salesforce CRM data and creates powerful reports presented in an easy-to-understand and cognitive-ready dashboard.

Knutson describes the advantage to the client as follows: “The integration of the existing Cognos environment with the Salesforce application lets both headquarters and franchisees run business reports directly. They can log in to Salesforce without having to understand the Cognos software functionality behind the reports and dashboards we created.”

Results story

Gaining insight from analytics and reporting

By working with Sirius to integrate the IBM Analytics solutions with its gym management and Salesforce applications, the client has gained control of and insight into its customer data that was previously out of reach. It now has custody of data that it previously lacked. The data analytics solution is empowering the business to gain new levels of customer insight into its members.

Sirius brought a distinctive skill set to the project with its expertise in both the IBM and Salesforce solutions. It provided an all-encompassing integrated data platform with intelligent reporting and Cognos dashboards to help the company make sense of its data. Additionally, Sirius provided the seamless integration of the IBM Analytics solutions with the company’s Salesforce data to help provide greater insights more quickly, ultimately giving the client an edge in its very competitive market space.

Sirius expects the company’s franchisees to reap the greatest benefit from the integrated analytics solution. “Franchise managers can now go to one spot to see how they’re doing from a membership standpoint,” says Knutson. “Integrating the Salesforce data into the Cognos reports provides a visual, drillable dashboard. They can see both summary data and the details. That’s a new capability for the franchisees.”

By capitalizing on IBM Analytics software and technology, the client has positioned itself well for future complementary data services. It is exploring predictive and prescriptive analytics to help it transform the business in 2019 and beyond because it wants to keep getting more horsepower out of its investment.

this major fitness membership company

The client is one of the largest and fastest-growing franchisors and operators of fitness centers in North and Central America. More than 95 percent of its stores are owned and operated by independent business men and women.

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