Vicom, working with IBM, designs and delivers industry-leading IT operations and service management solutions that help clients...improve efficiency, reduce business impact and thus improve client satisfaction.

Manoj Khabe, senior director of enterprise management services, Vicom Computer Services,

Business Challenge story

"With ever-increasing business demand for growth, productivity, security...That presents lots of challenges to IT operations," explains Manoj Khabe, senior director of enterprise management services at Vicom Computer Services. "With shifting technology for DevOps, cloud, mobile...IT operations are unable to keep up with unprecedented volumes of data. They’re unable to detect outages faster and unable to resolve it faster."


Vicom provides several solutions that integrate with IBM Netcool and IBM Operations Analytics software to help companies prevent IT outages.


"When customers leverages these solutions from Vicom and IBM," says Khabe, "they can detect issues earlier, while service is normal, find the root cause, and resolve proactively to avoid business impact."

Solution Category

  • IBM Cloud
  • Middleware
  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration
  • Solution Components

    • Netcool Operations Insight
    • Netcool/Impact
    • Netcool/OMNIbus
    • Operations Analytics
    • Tivoli Netcool Network Management
    • Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager