Lumen and IBM can help edge applications achieve low latency with the same levels of security, data privacy, interoperability and open standards found in advanced hybrid cloud environments

David Shacochis, Vice President and Field CTO for Enterprise Technology, Lumen Technologies

Business Challenge

When enterprises deploy AI analytical models in compute-intensive applications such as visual inspection or financial trading, they need instant results—there’s no time to send data to the cloud or a data center for processing. The answer is edge computing. But to maximize efficiency, developers working on edge solutions need access to advanced hybrid cloud development tools and services.



That’s why Lumen Technologies, provider of an edge computing network, integrated IBM Cloud Satellite into its network. As a result, enterprises can easily leverage IBM Cloud services such as the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform from a centralized console via a security-rich tunnel. The resulting versatility enables developing, distributing, and managing edge applications across the global enterprise. This helps enterprises drive innovation more rapidly at the edge—propelling them forward to capitalize on the emerging capabilities of the 4th Industrial Revolution

Solution Category

  • Cloud
  • Red Hat