Business challenge

With separate databases supporting its four core business lines, Localiza needed to establish one integrated view of a customer’s history to provide a more streamlined, personalized service experience.  


Localiza engaged MD2 to implement a solution that includes IBM InfoSphere software and MD2 data models, creating a single “golden version” of a customer record.


Delivers personalized service

with quick access to a comprehensive data source

Drives additional revenue

with offers tailored to customer preferences

Prepares for compliance

with new data protection regulations in Brazil

Business challenge story

Success built on a reputation for great service

In 1973, a store in downtown Belo Horizonte, Brazil, purchased six used Volkswagen Beetles on credit to launch a rental car business. Over the decades, the company successfully pursued its dream of becoming an industry leader; today, Localiza manages one of the world’s largest rental car networks.

“It’s a beautiful history,” says Elder Carvalho, Data Architect and Head of Analytics for Localiza. “We started with six cars and now we’re Latin America’s greatest car rental company.”  

Localiza’s founding vision of standing apart from the competition through exceptional service proved critical to its success. But as its business expanded, the organization needed to continue evolving its IT to maintain service levels and offer the personalized experience its customers had come to expect.

With separate databases supporting its four core business lines — car rentals, fleet management, franchises and used car sales — Localiza lacked a comprehensive, integrated view of a customer’s history with the company.

“When a customer comes into a store, we want to know how he or she has interacted with us before,” says Carvalho. “What kind of car does he like to rent? Where did she go on vacation? We want to be able to offer discounts and upgrades based on previous history.”

We can do cross-selling and upselling while offering a better customer experience.

Elder Carvalho, Data Architect and Head of Analytics, Localiza

Transformation story

Establishing one 360-degree view

To establish a single holistic source of information on each customer, Localiza sought powerful data management technology as part of a larger overhaul of its CRM system. Relying on insight from analysts Forrester Research and Gartner, the company chose a suite of InfoSphere tools to orchestrate its data from across the enterprise and provide one trusted viewpoint for all users.

To help implement the technology, Localiza engaged IBM Business Partner MD2, a skilled and experienced InfoSphere solution provider with its own robust master data management offerings. Working together, Localiza and MD2 used IBM® InfoSphere® QualityStage® software to develop and establish rules for cleaning and merging information from the company’s source databases across its business lines. The team also created workflows with the IBM InfoSphere Services Director, a feature within the IBM InfoSphere Information Server platform, to seamlessly transfer data between systems.

In just eight months, MD2 and Localiza implemented a high-performance solution — featuring MD2 data models — that integrates information from roughly 10 million customer records. Now, InfoSphere QualityStage software cleans and validates customer data from each of the company’s core business areas, then publishes it to an InfoSphere repository that provides a single 360-degree view of each customer record for Localiza users in any location.

“When a customer comes into one of our stores, we see exactly who that customer is in relation to our company and we can treat that person accordingly,” says Carvalho. “We weren’t able to do this before we partnered with IBM and MD2.”

Additionally, Localiza’s master data management platform is fully integrated with its CRM system. After the company’s users edit or add to customer information in the CRM application, the data flows back to the InfoSphere repository to keep the master record up to date.

Results story

Better service delivery and a revenue boost

Establishing one reliable and easily accessible record of each customer’s transactions supports Localiza in delivering the level of service it has built its reputation on. “It’s great for a customer walking into one of our locations to feel that a company of our size knows who he or she is,” says Carvalho. “Showing a customer that Localiza cares is one of our most important goals.”

Offering personalized service isn’t just critical for Localiza’s ongoing commitment to customer care — it’s also highly beneficial for the company’s bottom line. With customer information now instantly viewable, Localiza service representatives can offer promotions and packages that are tailored to individual preferences and drive additional revenue. “We can do cross-selling and upselling while offering a better customer experience,” says Carvalho.

In addition, the IBM and MD2 solution eliminates a phenomenon Carvalho refers to as “same question, different answers”; that is, when business lines maintain their own separate data platforms, each area may be working with slightly different information when responding to a request. With one integrated source of information available across all lines of business, Localiza users now work from exactly the same data. “Anyone anywhere working across our platforms sees one ‘golden version’ of a customer record,” says Carvalho.

Finally, with the rollout of Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais (LGPD) — Brazil’s new legal framework for personal data protection — rapidly approaching, Localiza is well-prepared to manage both regulatory compliance and customer privacy preferences. “With our master data management solution in place, we know we can respond quickly to what the law requires from us,” says Carvalho.

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Founded in 1973 and headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Localiza is the largest car rental company in Latin America. The Localiza network includes company-owned and franchise locations in airports and cities throughout Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

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IBM Business Partner MD2 is one of Brazil’s leading providers of data management and LGPD solutions. Established in 2000 and based in Belo Horizonte, the company delivers services and applications for analytics, data integration, data quality and business intelligence to customers throughout the country.

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