Enabling innovative event-driven application development with a highly scalable in-memory database

Event-driven apps enable businesses to detect and act on events, such as anomalies that disrupt manufacturing lines, or changes in the adequacy of bank capital. To rapidly capture and analyze volumes of data in real time, Lightbend and IBM provide an agile environment for developing and operating stream-based microservices applications with AI.

Business challenge

The Lightbend Fast Data Platform empowers enterprises around the world to develop and scale streaming apps. How could Lightbend deliver scalable persistence for massive volumes of in-flight data?


Lightbend enhanced its Fast Data Platform solution with IBM® Db2® Event Store, enabling its clients to rapidly ingest, persist and analyze streamed data in their event-driven applications with AI.

Working with IBM Db2 Event Store and Lightbend Fast Data Platform makes it easier for enterprises to develop and support stream-based applications. Karl Wehden Director of Product Management Lightbend

Enables developers to work more efficiently, releasing time for value-added activities. 250 billion events processed per day, enabling practically unlimited scalability. Empowers businesses to train their models with AI, delivering actionable insights.

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