Business challenge

Liberty Mutual Insurance wanted to modernize its employee benefit offerings to allow for more choice, greater transparency and cost-saving opportunities.


The company reduced its number of carriers, began offering a consumer-directed health plan (CDHP) in addition to a preferred provider organization (PPO) and introduced the Benefits Mentor solution to help employees find their best-fit plans.


38% of employees

elected the new plan in the first year

58% of eligible employees

were members of the CDHP by the second year

Two-thirds of eligible employees

completed all steps in the Benefits Mentor solution

Business challenge story

Empowering employees

Matthew Vlieger, Manager of Finance and Analytics in the Corporate Benefits Division at Liberty Mutual, is responsible for analyzing member engagement within the various health plan offerings. He also provides insights to the strategy directors to help them identify areas for improvement.

In 2015, as the company began to recognize the value of and trend toward CDHPs, it was clear that significant changes were in order.

Vlieger knew that Liberty Mutual needed to modernize its benefits and provide employees with a choice. So, the company began offering two health plans — a PPO and a CDHP.

“Through a consumer-directed health plan,” Vlieger explains, “employees will have to make decisions to not only spend their money in the most appropriate and beneficial way, but also learn where they can find significant savings. Then they can use that money in other ways.”

The company reduced its number of contracted carriers from two to one and replaced its pharmacy benefit manager. This helped cut costs for both employees and the business and gave employees more choice when it came to filling prescriptions.

It was a valuable, robust, feature-rich tool that allowed our employees to make the right decisions for themselves and their families.

Matthew Vlieger, Manager of Finance and Analytics for Corporate Benefits, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Transformation story

A better understanding

To help employees decide which of the two health plans was the best fit for their needs, Liberty Mutual implemented the Benefits Mentor solution from IBM Watson Health™.

This web-based tool is designed to guide consumers through their benefit plan options, maximize their tax advantages and avoid over- or under-insuring. With the ability to view their claims information from the previous 6 – 9 months, employees could make more informed decisions about which plan was best for them.

Results story

Seeing the light

According to Vlieger, the Benefits Mentor solution allowed Liberty Mutual employees to see, maybe for the first time, what the true cost of their healthcare has been. They’re also able to identify opportunities to save money, helping them make informed decisions about how to manage their healthcare.

While the company originally considered the Benefits Mentor platform a temporary solution as Liberty Mutual transitioned its offerings, Vlieger said the team was so impressed with the results, and the ability of the solution to integrate flexible savings accounts, that the tool is now seen as a pillar of the annual enrollment process and will be used for years to come.

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Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual offers personal and commercial insurance to policyholders around the world. With more than 50,000 employees located in more than 60 countries, managing the corporate benefits program is a tremendous task.

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