Business challenge

To keep pace with the shifting IT demands of its customers, Levitar was forced to frequently purchase and upgrade server and storage hardware that often sat underutilized.


Levitar transferred its existing operations and technology architecture to an IBM Cloud environment, taking advantage of the native redundancy, scalability, availability and flexibility of the platform.


>50% faster

recovery times for client environments with a warm DR infrastructure

Slashes deployment times

from weeks to hours with a flexible, on demand cloud platform

Supports business growth

with a scalable architecture that can easily accommodate new services

Business challenge story

Unneeded equipment

Over the past decade, Levitar has worked to make life easier for its customers, providing consistent, reliable IT support to businesses throughout the Asia-Pacific (AP) region.

“Service is important to us,” explains Bryce Jamie, Managing Director at Levitar. “And all of the customers we started with in 2007 are still with us, so we must be doing something right.”

This high level of brand confidence and loyalty reflects a corporate commitment to quality throughout the various technology services — backup, disaster recovery (DR), IT management — that Levitar provides. But that quality comes at a price.

In particular, Levitar struggled with the time and labor needed to maintain the underlying IT infrastructure that supported its services. “We were constantly having to upgrade equipment,” recalls Jamie. “And we were running out of storage frequently. This was even worse for our DR service, which had high capacity demands, but the only time we used the equipment was for DR tests.”

Rather than continuing to invest time and money into this sprawling architecture, Levitar began evaluating potential cloud solutions that would allow the business to offload this burden. “We make life easier for our customers all of the time,” adds Jamie, “so why not make things easier for ourselves?”

IBM was the only local cloud provider that gave us the flexibility and control of the environment that the solution required.

—Bryce Jamie, Managing Director, IBM Business Partner Levitar

Transformation story

Unmatched control

A long-time IBM Business Partner, Levitar quickly chose the IBM Cloud platform to support its business, signing an embedded solution agreement (ESA) that aligned its service offerings with the cloud environment.

“Over the past year, we’ve migrated most of our infrastructure into the IBM Cloud,” Jamie elaborates. “So now we run all of our client services from there. It’s pretty scalable. If we need more storage or compute, we can add it on the fly.”

Rather than creating a purely virtual architecture within the cloud environment, Levitar chose to support its operations using bare metal servers together with virtual servers.

“For DR, speed is critical,” explains Jamie. “And the bare metal servers let us restore data and service quickly. We currently have a virtual cluster dedicated as a pilot light environment, so we can get a client’s recovery image up and running — exactly the way it was at the customer’s site – in just a few hours.”

And to oversee provisioning and resource management for this cloud architecture, the firm relies on VMware technology. “IBM was the only local cloud provider that gave us the flexibility and control of the environment that the solution required,” adds Jamie. “They gave us direct access to the VMware console so that we can restore images directly for our clients. Other providers in the AP region do not offer that level of control.”

Being a partner and having an ESA not only benefits our organization, it benefits our clients as well. We are able to bundle our expertise, the IBM software and the IBM Cloud into one solution, one payment. They have one place to go for everything.

—Bryce Jamie, Managing Director, IBM Business Partner Levitar

Results story

Unstoppable potential

With complete control over its cloud environment, Levitar has streamlined the provisioning and management of its IT services, driving new efficiencies and reining in costs.

At the same time, Levitar has converted these faster deployment times into better service levels for its customers. “Take DR for example,” explains Jamie. “Previously it could take up to a day to prepare the infrastructure and launch a recovery image — we’d have to pull up the data and set up hardware. But with the customer backups already replicated and stored in the IBM Cloud and with the virtual pilot light environment, we can have them up and running within a few hours. Using IBM cloud together with IBM enterprise backup software and Levitar expertise, the solution provides clients with vastly improved recover point and recovery time objectives.”

The scalability of the IBM Cloud environment has also empowered Levitar to expand its offerings portfolio. “We’ve launched a new service,” adds Jamie. “We’ve begun providing infrastructure as a service, so our customers can run their production environments in the IBM Cloud as well — not just their DR.”

Altogether, Levitar is thoroughly pleased with its ongoing relationship with IBM. “Being a partner and having an ESA not only benefits our organization,” adds Jamie, “it benefits our clients as well. We are able to bundle our expertise, the IBM software and the IBM Cloud into one solution, one cost-effective payment. They have one place to go for everything.”

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About Levitar

Since its formation in 2007, Levitar has placed a strong focus on customer service, establishing a reputation as a reliable provide of technology implementation and consulting services. The business is headquartered in Sydney, Australia and specializes in the delivery of complete IT solutions, overseeing design, deployment, management and support requirements.

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