Watson delivered way beyond our expectations about what it’s able to parse in terms of information, and so it was a real easy sell for our organization, from top to bottom of deploying Watson as the AI solution for our platform.

James Lee, CEO, LegalMation

Business Challenge

The founders of LegalMation saw the rapid maturation of AI as having the potential to disrupt the high-volume, low-value layer of work in the legal industry by automating and accelerating it. They recognized that to realize this potential, they needed AI technology that was not only powerful but also easy and intuitive from a user standpoint.


LegalMation incorporates IBM Watson to fully automate the most soul-crushing, costly and low-value tasks associated with litigation, so that lawyers can turn their focus and talents to performing high-value functions and offering more value to their clients. For example, they've been able to shrink the targeted written discovery process from 8 hours to take just 2 minutes.

Solution Category

  • AI/Watson