Business challenge

Great new ideas only go so far—you need to get them to market ahead of competitors or lose first-mover advantage. To do this, a UK insurance company wanted to accelerate its development processes.


The insurer rolled out a set of coding best practices supported by IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence, enabling greater speed, quality and control for developers.



a competitive advantage through shorter time-to-market for new solutions


barriers to innovation by enabling earlier and more accurate testing


development costs by reducing usage of third-party outsourcing providers

Business challenge story

Keeping pace with change

As technology disrupts the insurance sector, providers are finding that traditional business models may no longer be enough to hang onto market share. Customer expectations are on the rise—and personalized products and services can be an all-important source of competitive advantage. However, many leading insurers find their ability to innovate is slowed down by complex, inflexible systems of record.

The Senior Director of Quality Assurance for the insurance company elaborates: “We know how critical it is to evolve the application portfolio on our IBM® z Systems® platform to support new products and services. However, growth through mergers and acquisitions had left us with an extremely complicated application landscape, with some parts managed by outsourcing providers. We realized that over time, the quality of our application code had degraded, and our lack of control made it difficult to change.”

IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence helps us improve the speed and quality of our development cycles.

Senior Director of Quality Assurance, Leading UK Insurance Company

Transformation story

Seizing control of development

The insurance company transformed its approach to development by defining and rolling out a set of best practices for coding, supported by the IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence solution. Initially, the firm focused on its COBOL-based policy applications, and used these as a baseline for the rest of its application portfolio.

“The IBM solution gave us the insight into our application landscape that we needed to develop coding best practices that take quality and complexity metrics into account,” adds the Senior Director.

The firm’s developers can now track compliance with the new standards early in the testing cycle. The Senior Director continues: “By monitoring how well our new code complies with our targets, we can reduce the number of defects once new applications have been released into production. Any defects we do find can be fed into a process platform for remediation, helping us fix them faster.”


Results story

Unleashing progress

By increasing control and speed of development with these new tools, the insurance company can delight customers, foster innovation and out-maneuver competitors to win new market share.

“IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence helps us improve the speed and quality of our development cycles,” comments the Senior Director. “Earlier and more accurate testing gives us the freedom to innovate without wasting resources. As a result, we can deliver new products and services into the marketplace before our competitors, giving us an edge in a crowded industry.”

The insurance company has also succeeded in driving down development costs, as the Senior Director concludes: “Since deploying the IBM solution, our developers can work much more efficiently and need less help from third-party providers. Armed with IBM tools, we can look to future challenges with more confidence, safe in the knowledge that we can adapt faster than before.”

Leading UK insurance company

This UK insurance company is a leading provider of life and general insurance that serves over 30 million customers.

Solution components

  • Application Discovery and Application Delivery Intelligence

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