The goal was to reach consumers during highly routinized moments to disrupt, educate and drive them in-store. To make an impact with beverage drinkers when consideration and consumption would be highest, a leading quick service restaurant (QSR) turned to IBM Watson Advertising and leveraged high-impact, point-of-entry native ad placements on The Weather Channel digital properties, dayparted to the morning timeframe.

The brand also utilized weather-triggered media with Weather Targeting to serve impressions during weather conditions known to drive sales of similar products, surfacing media only when and where consumers were most likely to be purchasing those beverages. And to further hone in on relevant consumers, the brand leveraged location data with Location Targeting to reach people with patterns of visiting similar QSRs.


The right blend of weather and location targeting with high-impact creative led to success. Not only was IBM Watson Advertising cited as a top performer, the campaign drove over 5% more foot traffic the leading QSR's stores as a result of the campaign.

Focus Area

  • AI/Watson