2015 marked the first year that people spent more money eating out than at the grocery store. This represented a huge opportunity for QSRs, even though loyalty continued to be a challenge—60% of people who ate out for lunch didn’t decide where to go until an hour before. Key factors included menu items and the location of the nearest store.

But what if they could foster loyalty by reaching consumers in their daily planning moments? And what if they could promote relevant menu items based on the weather and nearest store location? A leading QSR retailer did just that when they teamed up with Watson Advertising.

Using WEATHERfx, we leveraged our deep understanding of how weather impacts consumers’ meal choices, combined with the QSR’s own sales data, and found key correlations between specific menu items, geography and seasonal conditions.


These insights enabled us to serve more relevant web and mobile ads that hit the spot for consumers, and hit the mark for the QSR.

  • 23% increase in sales of featured products
  • 18%reduction in potential media waste

Focus Area

  • AI/Watson