Although they stock everything from toothpaste to toys, one leading pharmacy retailer still attributes the majority of their sales to pharmacy items. To capitalize on this insight, they sought to drive relevant pharmacy shoppers in-store to their medical clinics while building awareness of their pharmacy partnerships.

Using IBM Watson Advertising’s location data solution, Location Targeting, the pharmacy brand targeted consumers with media on The Weather Channel digital properties who had been seen at pharmacy retailers as well as those located in close proximity to the brand’s stores. In addition to delivering an average Atlas CTR 20% higher than client benchmark, IBM Watson Advertising helped the brand uncover actionable insights about their pharmacy shoppers such as:

  • Thursday between 4pm - 5pm saw the highest amount of foot traffic
  • 70% of consumers visited only once every 2 months
  • 60% of consumers travel less than 4 miles to reach a store
  • Consumers are health conscious, over-indexing at gyms and fitness locations


Armed with a healthy dose of insights, the brand can now roll out a highly targeted campaign focused on shopping behaviors and lifestyle habits. IBM Watson Advertising's prescription for the brand includes:

  • Heavier spends on media during specific days and times
  • Enticing less frequent visitors with retargeting messages
  • Expanding targeting to gym locations
  • Incorporating health into their creative messaging
  • Creating custom portraits of audiences based on fitness habits

The brand can now use real world insights to better meet the needs of its consumers and ensure the health of its bottom line.

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