The open road. It’s what motorcyclists live for. But before they go for a ride—or go shopping for one—they check the weather. So when a leading American motorcycle manufacturer was challenged with expanding its customer base beyond its aging, hard core consumer, it teamed up with Watson Advertising.

The effort began by analyzing the brand’s sales data to determine which weather conditions were ideal for purchasing a motorcycle. Next, we created custom triggers that were made up of unique condition mixes by geography and season. These triggers displayed beautiful, relevant Branded Backgrounds on our mobile app, which drove customers to the company’s website.


The campaign's efficiency and engagement went full throttle:

  • 13.4M impressions relocated
  • 49% waste reduction (based on implementation of custom WEATHERfx trigger)
  • WEATHERfx enterprise preroll: 1.22% CTR
  • branded background: .61% CTR

Focus Area

  • AI/Watson