A leading luxury automaker came to IBM Watson Advertising looking to find and connect with early adopters to build awareness and demand for their new luxury SUV/SAV launch.

The automaker, known for championing innovation, was interested in applying artificial intelligence to create personalized messaging that would appeal to its high value prospects. Harnessing IBM Marketing Planner with Lucy, which uses various Watson APIs such as Personality Insights and Tone Analyzer to more deeply understand a target audience, the brand analyzed the social media activity of its desired customer to uncover characteristics of high potential prospects. The brand then leveraged those insights to create look-a-like models and develop messaging that used key words and phrases in a campaign that was deployed across Twitter.


With IBM Marketing Planner with Lucy, the audience that was targeted based on the insights succeeded in outperforming the control:

  • Click-Rate: 25% higher
  • Cost per Action: 44% lower
  • Cost per Dealer Visit: 57% lower

Focus Area

  • AI/Watson