Two leading ice cream brands came to IBM Watson Advertising with the goal of driving moms and kids to purchase their ice cream during the summer season.

Leveraging the brands’ sales data, IBM Watson Advertising conducted a custom weather analysis to uncover which condition mixes impacted product sales, by region. Using those insights, we developed custom Weather Targeting triggers that were used to serve relevant messaging to consumers on The Weather Channel digital properties over the campaign time period.

Messaging in ad units included, “It’s a perfect day for vanilla,” and “Today’s weather calls for an ice pop.”

In addition to validating that warmer temperatures typically boost ice cream sales, we also found correlations with sales in colder weather, aligning with our weather and emotions research that shows that people seek our comfort food during colder weather.


Leveraging these insights, the ice cream brands saw:

  • 26% increase in sales
  • $1.23 overall ROI
  • 35% waste reduction
  • Adjusted delivery in real time (accounting for extreme weather events)

Focus Area

  • AI/Watson