Business challenge

Flooded with open source data from disparate sources, this law enforcement unit struggled to correlate information and identities into actionable intelligence, compromising investigations.


IBM Business Partner DATERA s.r.o. implemented an analytics platform based on IBM® InfoSphere® and IBM Watson® technologies that enable police to analyze and link data, helping speed investigations.


90% faster data analyses

using advanced technologies that help aggregate, link and correlate disparate open source data

Helps speed investigation efforts

by revealing a more holistic picture of persons of interest and their whereabouts

Uncovers otherwise hidden links

by analyzing and linking multicultural name data sets and resolving entity conflicts

Business challenge story

Searching for hidden clues

Intelligence is one of the greatest assets a law enforcement agency has to defend its nation against crime and enemy threats. It often comes from piecing together disparate bits of information to create one cohesive picture of suspects and their whereabouts. Although this unit had volumes of raw data to analyze, it struggled to uncover, correlate and link information and identities into actionable intelligence, compromising its investigation efforts.

Tomáš Pokorný, Co-Founder of IBM Business Partner DATERA s.r.o., elaborates on his customer’s challenge: “They had a lot of unstructured and open source data coming in from a variety of sources, such as social media posts, emails and Twitter feeds. But they couldn’t do link analyses to uncover, for example, people’s real identities or where they might be hiding.

“It was like trying to find a needle in the hay. So they went looking for fresh technology that would help them connect the dots in their data.”

IBM gave us options and ideas on how to improve the analytics. We found a good partner in IBM.

—Tomáš Pokorný, Co-Founder, DATERA s.r.o.

Transformation story

Linking identities with analyses

The agency’s journey began in 2015 when it hired DATERA to implement IBM® Watson® Explorer technology, formerly known as IBM Content Analytics software. Later, the agency decided to add IBM i2® Enterprise Insight Analysis technologies, enhancing investigators’ abilities to analyze and visualize unstructured data. In 2017, building on the existing analytics platform, DATERA is deploying IBM InfoSphere® Identity Insight software for entity resolution and IBM InfoSphere Global Name Recognition software to analyze multicultural name data sets. For data transformation and integration, the agency uses the IBM InfoSphere DataStage® platform.<br><br>Pokorný explains why DATERA chose IBM technologies. “From the very beginning it was crucial for us to have support for specific languages, so the number of possible technologies was already very limited. This pointed us to IBM. IBM gave us options and ideas on how to improve the analytics, so we started with i2 software for visualizing and link analysis. We found a good partner in IBM.”<br><br>

Results story

Seeing the big picture

With the new analytics platform, investigators not only gain a more holistic picture of persons of interest and their activities but can also analyze and link data more than 90 percent faster.

“In the past, they weren’t able to see connections, just pieces of the puzzle,” states Pokorný. “There are hundreds of thousands of data sources. There are millions of entities on Twitter and Facebook, plus China, Russia and other countries each have their own social networks. It could take weeks or months to analyze it all.

“Now, in just a few days, investigators can see possible matches in hidden links, such as if someone is trying to change their name or if what appears to be two people is actually the same individual. Today, they are looking at the whole picture.”


Law enforcement agency

Based in the European Union, this government agency serves as its country’s law enforcement agency and intelligence service. Its primary duties are to provide officials with timely and reliable intelligence needed to protect national, foreign and economic policy interests, and to protect the country from international terrorism and other threats.

Solution components

  • Data Integration & Replication
  • Govt: Defense
  • Govt: Public Safety and Security
  • InfoSphere Identity Insight
  • Watson Discovery
  • i2 Intelligence Analysis

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