Our joint decision with IBM to build ORIS as a series of containerized applications—orchestrated by Kubernetes—ensures not only that it can be deployed on any cloud, but that it can also minimize the cost of maintaining and expanding the service over time.

Nicolas Miravalls, Global Head of Road Infrastructure , LafargeHolcim Ltd.

Business Challenge

An innovator in the building materials space, LafargeHolcim saw the opportunity to catalyze a new level of smart road optimization by bringing its proprietary, AI-based decision technology to market. It recognized that its go-to-market success ultimately depended on having the right delivery platform, flexible enough to conform to each customer’s specific cloud preferences.


LafargeHolcim got that flexibility when it engaged IBM Services to adapt the underlying component applications of the service—known as ORIS—to be container-based, with Kubernetes used to run and manage its workloads. Now, whatever their specific role, people working in the road-building ecosystem can use ORIS to optimize decisions, such the materials choice for a stretch of highway or the material supplier to source it from, based on the priorities they establish.

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