I want to give the consolidation of data and give a prognostic based in big data…and try to make intervention in the development of disease, make changes—making changes in drugs and medication of the patient, seeing the complete, holistic things through time, giving the data to the patient.

Esteban Echavarria, Scientific Director, Laboratorio Médico Las Américas

Business Challenge story

Laboratorio Médico Las Américas seeks to give medical patients worldwide greater insight into, and control over, their medical care and their overall health by making greater use of available clinical data.


Working with IBM Business Partner ne Digital, Laboratorio Médico Las Américas aggregates clinical information using IBM Db2 database technology, applies IBM Watson analytics to generate insight, and builds optimized data flows using IBM Business Process Manager software.


Laboratorio Médico Las Américas is creating a system that enhances medical care by analyzing a patient’s data against relevant clinical data from around the world, and delivering timely insights that improve the patient’s knowledge and care providers’ ability to help.

Solution Category

  • Cloud
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Solution Components

    • Cognos Analytics
    • Workflow - Legacy