We can monitor our cost per sale in real time now: ideal for a sales organization. We see how much profit we make and how much commission we can pay.

Scott McGillivray, Director of Human Resources at Irdeto

Business Challenge story

Irdeto had an existing sales incentive compensation framework that it administered manually using standard Microsoft Office software. The administrative workload associated with this framework had increased because the organization had grown and the complexity of the compensation framework had increased. Irdeto sought to automate the process organizationwide, from creation of the terms and conditions of compensation plans, to allocation of sales territories, to the calculation of incentives payable and reporting. It needed a solution that would provide administrators and sales teams with an intuitive, useful variable compensation tool. The incumbent compensation framework primarily considered only revenue booked, but the company wanted to include such factors as margins and collections. Irdeto had been storing information relating to the compensation framework in SAP SuccessFactors software, sales forecast information in a CRM application and revenue bookings in Microsoft Dynamics AX software. The company wanted a solution that would consolidate these various and complex data sources that fed data into the compensation calculation. Finally, Irdeto wanted any new solution to address security and privacy concerns and to handle any changes to compensation plans partway through a financial year and any future changes to the overall compensation plan structure.


Irdeto implemented IBM Sales Performance Management software, a sales performance management and incentive compensation management solution designed to be administered and maintained by business users. The solution features advanced sales performance modeling, reporting and analysis, self-calculators, statements and workflow functions that facilitate security-rich high-speed processing. The solution’s composer tool supplies system users with visual data flow and incentive calculation capabilities. The solution also provides an extensible data model that will adapt as the client changes its systems over time. Moreover, it offers built-in workflow and document approval, payment inquiry and dispute resolution, and other sales performance business processes. The software also has flexible and extensive target- and goal-setting functionality. Finally, the Sales Performance Management offering provides capabilities that help the client effectively manage audit and compliance issues.


By deploying IBM Sales Performance Management software, Irdeto gained unmatched speed, flexibility and visibility in its variable compensation and bonus programs and other performance management business processes. The client expects to simplify incentive compensation management, drive higher sales performance and facilitate increased accuracy, reduced costs and better agility.

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