Business challenge

To improve the accuracy of cervical cancer testing, Biop Medical needed help advancing its vision for a sophisticated new colposcopic solution and bringing the offering to market.


Working in an IBM Cloud environment to further develop its platform, the startup plans to incorporate IBM Watson® services and launch its solution on IBM Cloud Virtual Server infrastructure.


Accelerated development

with the easy-to-use IBM Cloud platform providing comprehensive services and capabilities

Healthcare IT expertise

from IBM to guide the startup in evolving its colposcopic offering

Go-to-market support

including best-in-class research and development resources that save the company time and money

Business challenge story

Developing a lifesaving solution

In 2013, a dedicated team of experts formed Biop Medical to tackle a critical healthcare challenge. “Cervical cancer is the most common cancer among women in the developing world,” says Biop Medical Cofounder Dalit Landesman. “If you can diagnose it in time, you don’t need expensive medications or other treatments people cannot afford. A simple test in time and accurate prediction can save the lives of many, many women.”

However, standard cervical cancer diagnostics can be lengthy, inconvenient and, worst of all, inaccurate. “This is testing that’s very important but hasn’t really changed for the last 70 years,” says Landesman. “It’s a multistep process that can take months before a patient has results. And women all over the world go home each year misdiagnosed for this disease.”

Biop Medical focused its efforts on creating a sophisticated colposcopic platform to improve diagnostic accuracy and simplify the testing process for patients. With a medical device for gathering optical data and a proprietary algorithm in development, the company needed help advancing its vision and bringing its point-of-care solution to market.

In all things related to medical data, IBM is leading the field. We’ve gotten the right tools, the right path and the right guidance.

Ilan Landesman, Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer, Biop Medical

Transformation story

Taking the next step with IBM

Joining the IBM Alpha Zone accelerator program for startup businesses, Biop Medical collaborated with IBM resources to map out the path forward for its colposcopic solution. “IBM has a very strong and committed R&D [research and development] team,” says Biop Medical Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Ilan Landesman. “We were able to work first on the R&D side to really define our solution and then choose the right tools for what we were doing.”

Biop Medical worked in a cloud-based IBM Cloud environment to further develop its offering, creating an intuitive interface for doctors using the platform. “Joining this unique IBM incubator meant that we could focus on the third layer of our solution, which we call the point of care,” says Landesman. “By working on that in tandem with our algorithm and medical device, we were able to really optimize our whole solution.”

With plans to launch the offering for the commercial marketplace on scalable IBM Cloud virtual server infrastructure, the startup will continue to sharpen the solution’s diagnostic capabilities with IBM Watson services. “Our system extracts optical data from cervical tissue, which gives us a probability of an abnormality,” explains Biop Medical System Engineer Oz Seadia. “We’ll incorporate additional metadata about the patient with Watson technology to make predictions more accurate.”

Results story

Preparing for a launch with impact

Biop Medical greatly appreciates the IBM Cloud platform’s ease of use and comprehensive set of capabilities, which make solution development fast and straightforward. “You can build an application with a drag-and-drop process,” explains Seadia. “And we don’t have to worry about things like how to protect our application or database—everything we need is available in the platform.”

With expertise from IBM, the startup business is well-positioned to continue developing an offering with the potential for profound global impact. “In all things related to medical data, IBM is leading the field,” says Ilan Landesman. “We’ve gotten the right tools, the right path and the right guidance. IBM is the ultimate partner for us.”

Plus, Biop Medical credits IBM for invaluable business development insight and guidance. “We were able to get the world’s best R&D support, which saved us time and money,” says Landesman. “Without IBM’s help, we would not have been able to do this.”


Biop Medical

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Ramat Gan, Israel, Biop Medical is developing the industry’s first point-of-care solution for real-time diagnosis and classification of cervical cancer and precancer. The startup business brings together a multidisciplinary group of experts, including biomolecular and optics specialists, engineers, physicians and scientists.

Solution components

  • IBM Bluemix
  • IBM Cloud Virtual Servers

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