Business Challenge

Starting from scratch on B2C side of business and seeking to take advantage of marketing automation opportunities, Mud Pie was looking for ways to encourage customers to buy from the company directly.


Since people often forget birthdays and other important dates, Mud Pie saw an opportunity to capitalize on this tendency by implementing a program that would couple date reminders with incentives to buy.



cart abandonment campaign and loyalty program


“important occasions” campaign combining data reminders with purchase incentives


31 percent click through rate and 5 percent conversion rate

Business Challenge Story

The Challenge

Because Mud Pie started selling directly to consumers in late 2010, it was essentially starting from scratch on the B2C side of its business. The company was faced with the challenge of finding ways for customers to buy from it directly.

Knowing the endless opportunities available with marketing automation, Mud Pie didn’t waste any time working with Whereoware to get programs in place to help jump-start the new direct-to-consumer side of its business.

Transformation Story

The Solution

Mud Pie has subsequently implemented a number of initiatives for its B2C audience, including an abandoned cart campaign and loyalty program. Its most successful campaign is an “important occasions” program driven by IBM Watson Campaign Automation. Since people often forget birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates, Mud Pie saw an opportunity to capitalize on this tendency by implementing a program that would couple date reminders with incentives to buy.

Four days after customers sign up for the Mud Pie email program, they receive an invite to enter three “special occasions” dates, such as anniversaries and birthdays, for their friends and families. A customer can also enter into the “important occasions” program directly from the Mud Pie website by responding to a call to action to sign up.

Customers enter their important occasion information via a Web form in which they’re required to provide their full name, email address, important date(s) and name of each date, such as “Mom’s Birthday.”

After signing up for the program, customers receive a personalized email reminder 21 days prior to each important occasion, accompanied by a “10 percent off” coupon. This triggered email is based on a date field in IBM Watson Campaign Automation, and all communications are automated.

Results Story

The Results

Mud Pie was able to successfully implement its “important occasions” campaign through the expertise of Whereoware and use of IBM Watson Campaign Automation. The campaign is seeing impressive metrics, with a 39 percent open rate and a 31 percent click-through rate. It’s also Mud Pie’s highest revenue-generating consumer campaign to date, achieving a 5 percent conversion rate. Currently, 8.5 percent of its database has joined the program. MudPie is looking to implement more automated programs in the future to further strengthen its B2C business.

IBM Watson Campaign Automation powers the delivery of exceptional experiences for customers across the buyer journey by leveraging customer data and behaviors, providing analytical insights and automating relevant cross-channel interactions. The cloud-based digital marketing platform provides email marketing, lead management and mobile engagement functionality to inform and drive personalized interactions in real time.

About Mud Pie

Since 1988, Mud Pie has designed thoughtful giftware and distributed it through independent and premier department stores. In 2010, Mud Pie expanded its business model to begin selling directly to consumers. The company, based in Stone Mountain, GA., continues to be a leader in the gift, baby and women’s accessories sectors of the giftware and home accents market. Mud Pie came on as a client of Whereoware and began using the IBM Watson Campaign Automation platform in early 2010.

Whereoware is an online strategy, design, development and marketing company. With 15 experts in both IBM Watson Campaign Automation and Salesforce strategy and implementation, it focuses on using email design, data integration and program execution to get the most out of IBM Marketing Cloud.

Solution Components

  • Consumer Products: Smarter Operations
  • IBM Watson Campaign Automation

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