With the cloud solution, we are able to respond to our patients’ needs faster and in a more effective manner.

—Yg. Bhg. Dato’ Amiruddin Abdul Satar, President and Managing Director, KPJ Healthcare Berhad

Business challenge

KPJ Healthcare used cost-intensive server and storage technology to support core applications, including its hospital information system and financial applications. These siloed, geographically dispersed and isolated platforms hindered clinical decision-making and business processes.


KPJ developed a private cloud solution for its primary and secondary data centers in Malaysia and its four hospitals abroad, enabling it to consolidate and unify its vast medical records and associated medical information network. The secure cloud infrastructure helps the organization provide better services to patients and their families and operate at a reduced cost with greater efficiency, reliability and flexibility. With real-time access to data at the point of care (POC), clinicians can make critical decisions more quickly and improve outcomes.


The solution enables infrastructure provisioning within 48 hours versus weeks or months required by the previous solution. The cloud infrastructure improves recovery point objective (RPO) from 24 hours to 1 hour, a 95 percent reduction, and reduces recovery time objective (RTO) from four hours to less than one hour, a 75 percent improvement.

Solution Category

  • Security Solutions
  • Middleware
  • IBM Cloud
  • Solution Components

    • (GBS) Data and Application Security Services
    • Flex System
    • Flex System running hypervisor - KVM
    • GTS IS Systems Services: Cloud Managed Infrastructure Services
    • GTS ITS Security Services: Application and Data Security (App/Data)
    • HC: Collaborative Care and Health Information Exchange
    • IGF: IT Financing - IBM Services and Project Financing
    • PureFlex
    • Service Delivery Manager
    • Storage: IBM Storwize V7000 Unified
    • Tivoli Service Automation Manager
    •  Networking: Juniper Ethernet Switch 
    •  PureFlex Enterprise
    •  Storage: DS6800
    •  System Networking