We needed specialized tools focused on online financial fraud and malware to resist these malware-based attacks.

Lead Business Architect, Channels & Customer Intelligence, Marketing and Communication, Komerční banka

Business challenge

With its existing security solutions unable to stop malware-based attacks, KB executives sought a specialized solution that would protect its clients from this dangerous threat.


The bank uses advanced fraud and malware protection solutions from IBM that help detect, block and remediate malware infections, and detect phishing threats before online financial fraud can occur.


The solution surpassed the company’s expectations, reducing the number of online banking logins from infected endpoints by 90 percent and preventing 200 potential fraud attempts in just three months.

Solution Category

  • Security Solutions
  • Solution Components

    • Banking: Risk & Compliance  
    • Self-protecting
    • Trusteer Fraud Protection
    • Trusteer Fraud Protection