Wherever there is a need for information exploration and decision support using multiple content sources, the e-file case management system can provide a valuable contribution.

Project manager, Ministry of Justice

Business Challenge story

The ministry sought a solution to improve judicial decision making by consolidating all case file and judicial data, streamlining administrative workflows and improving collaboration.


Using IBM Enterprise Content Management software, IBM Global Business Services helped the ministry complete a laboratory project to automate research, classification and adjudication processes and to facilitate system-wide information sharing.


The ministry is planning how to move forward with implementing the solution, projecting a gain in efficiency of 30 percent or more once the system is fully deployed.The solution stores, manages and categorizes not only legal documents, but also the content within the documents, capturing the dependencies among facts, markups, points of law and results from evidentiary hearings. The ability to quickly and clearly see the connections and relationships within the disparate material enables more timely, cost-effective and insightful decision making.

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