Other railway operators have not yet been able to open up their data to this extent, nor been able to open up their data and APIs as effectively.

Daisuke Yamamoto, Manager, Railway, JR West IT Solutions Corporation

Business Challenge

JR West Group needed to respond to the rising trend of mobility as a service (MaaS), which offers access to multiple transportation services in one place because it is an attractive and satisfying experience for passengers and consumers.  


JR West Group, a railway company in Japan, adopted IBM API Connect to offer its operations data as APIs to create open innovation, reduce service costs and improve productivity. Developers can embed these APIs into their applications to create new services, such as navigation systems for passengers, websites for events and other capabilities that help passengers improve their travel experience. As travelers increasingly rely on MaaS services to get them efficiently to their destination, the fact that JR West data is more likely to be embedded in these services is expected to increase the flow of passengers over its rail network.

Solution Category

  • IBM Cloud