Business challenge

Jordan Valley Medical Center wanted to implement a new approach to aggressively treat sepsis in the early stages.


The center designed a team-based approach and implemented the CareDiscovery clinical performance improvement solution to provide a starting baseline for its work and for continuous improvement monitoring.


USD 361,321

in cost savings

6.5% reduction

in cost per sepsis case

Outperformed the top 25%

hospital benchmark

Business challenge story

A team-based approach

To improve performance, Jordan Valley Medical Center leaders thought the key would be to aggressively treat sepsis in the early stages — before symptoms became critical. To develop an improved protocol that worked for the specific needs of early intervention, the center needed to include both a standardized process to patient care and a rapid response mechanism.

The first step was to define a team with designated roles that would encourage focused interventions and prevent clinical deterioration in potentially septic patients. The team consisted of staff from all levels of the organization — physicians, nurses, lab and radiology technicians, and clerks — from both emergency and inpatient services.

Jordan Valley Medical Center defined clear, concise goals and developed and adhered to an implementation timeline. The team used the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) problem-solving model to work through the improvement process.

Transformation story

Data-driven tracking, process refining

For the DMAIC model to succeed, the Jordan Valley Medical Center team needed reliable data that everyone could trust. That’s why the team turned to the CareDiscovery clinical performance improvement solution to provide a baseline for its work and for continuous improvement monitoring.

The CareDiscovery solution provided outcomes information for cost, mortality, readmission, complications and more, which gave the team the ability to monitor progress. In fact, continually reviewing sepsis-related outcomes in CareDiscovery reports was critical to refining the processes and understanding what was working well and what wasn’t.

Results story

Results that speak for themselves

Not only did sepsis case costs go down and sepsis-related outcomes improve dramatically — exceeding even the benchmarks set by the top 25 percent of hospitals in the US — Jordan Valley Medical Center also received the highest performance ranking possible by Healthgrades in 2015 for sepsis.

Plus, because sepsis can affect patients in every department, the impact of the new protocol and response system was felt in nearly every hospital department, from surgery to emergency to labor and delivery. And the framework developed during this project was also used as a template for the development of protocols for ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), stroke and trauma.

About Jordan Valley Medical Center

Jordan Valley Medical Center is a physician-owned, 3-campus medical center located in Utah’s southwest Salt Lake Valley. As part of the IASIS Healthcare system, Jordan Valley Medical Center provides perinatal, acute care, surgical and emergency services. Its main campus is a Level III trauma center.

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