Business Challenge

To enhance its recruitment services offering, JOBMASTER wanted to empower its clients to better understand their candidates' skills, competencies and cultural fit.


JOBMASTER deployed IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments—enabling it to harness decades of behavioral-science expertise to increase the accuracy and measurability of its candidate assessments.



cost-per-assessment, increasing the value of JOBMASTER’s offering


JOBMASTER drive its clients’ performance by equipping them with high-quality hires


value to JOBMASTER’s services, boosting competitiveness and attracting new clients

Business challenge story

Making data a differentiator

Enterprises across the world are looking for smarter ways to attract, develop and retain talent. JOBMASTER, a recruitment firm based in Cairo, Egypt, saw an opportunity to add value to its offering by surfacing deeper insights into candidates.

“We’re always looking for innovative ways to enhance our services,” says Hisham El Badawy, CEO at JOBMASTER Human Capital Solutions. “In recent years, we’ve broadened our offering to help clients identify high-potential employees and implement more effective retention programs. More than ever, our clients need to connect their investments in human capital with performance on the bottom line. As a result, we aim to put data at the heart of everything we do.”

Digital assessments are a key component of JOBMASTER’s offering. By identifying applicants with the optimal combination of skills and experience for a role, the company empowers its clients to make informed hiring decisions more quickly.

“Many of our clients are setting out on digital transformations, and data-driven assessments are an effective way to align their approach to talent with those new ways of working,” continues Hisham El Badawy. “In the past, it was often a challenge to deliver the level of granularity our clients wanted from their assessments data. We were confident we could differentiate ourselves further by enriching our candidate assessment reports with greater detail—and we looked for a new talent assessments platform.”

Many of our clients have come to rely on our assessment services to achieve their recruitment goals—helping us build long-term working relationships with them.

Hisham El Badawy, CEO, JOBMASTER Human Capital Solutions

Transformation story

Delivering fresh insight

To solve the challenge, JOBMASTER selected IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments. Based on decades of behavioral-science expertise, the IBM solution enables businesses to boost the accuracy and measurability of their candidate assessments.

“When we evaluated IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments, a few capabilities really stood out,” recalls Hisham El Badawy. “The breadth and depth of the IBM test library was greater than other vendors we considered—particularly when it came to technical disciplines. We found the solution extremely intuitive, and we were confident that candidates taking the tests would have good experiences. We also felt the prestige of an enterprise technology firm like IBM was a benefit, as it gives clients confidence we can deliver data to support their decision-making processes.”

Today, JOBMASTER offers IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments to its clients across the region. Every business is different, and JOBMASTER enables clients to choose the tests that fit best with their unique requirements—in English or in Arabic.

“One of the advantages of the IBM solution is its flexibility and cost-efficiency,” continues Hisham El Badawy. “We can mix and match the assessments to fulfil each client’s need without sending costs skyrocketing. Crucially, IBM combines information on candidates’ technical skills and qualifications with psychometric data, which enables us to pinpoint which candidates have a good cultural fit or high level of suitability for a leadership role.”

Heba Magdy, GM for Solutions Development at JOBMASTER Human Capital Solutions, adds: “Some of the other assessment platforms we considered didn’t address the behavioral and cultural factors of high performance in leadership roles, but IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments offers us fine-grained insights in that area.”

JOBMASTER continues to work closely with IBM to help deliver IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments to its clients.

“Getting started with the IBM solution was very straightforward,” comments Hisham El Badawy. “Working with IBM, the quality and responsiveness of support has got better and better, and we continue to place great value in the partnership. We felt IBM mobilized the local and offshore resources we needed to ensure our deployment was a success.”

Results story

Adding value, driving growth

With IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments delivering deeper insights into the skills, competencies and cultural fit of its clients’ candidates, JOBMASTER is enhancing the value of its services.

“Many of our clients have come to rely on our assessment services to achieve their recruitment goals—helping us build long-term working relationships with them,” explains Hisham El Badawy. “Because the IBM solution is delivered via the cloud, we can offer our clients practically unlimited scalability without ever compromising on quality of service.”

One of JOBMASTER’s clients runs 2,000 assessments per quarter. To help ensure that no candidates have an unfair advantage by memorizing answers to past tests, IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments automatically changes which questions appear. And because the solution offers role-specific benchmarks, JOBMASTER can help the client identify top performers for every part of the business.

Heba Magdy comments: “By offering assessments that help our clients identify high-performing management and leadership candidates, we make our services stand out from the crowd. In a number of cases, IBM Kenexa Employee Assessments has been a key factor in winning new business.”

Based on the positive impact of the IBM solution, JOBMASTER is considering the possibility of enhancing its offering with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.

“With IBM, we feel we’re in safe hands—they go out of their way to support us,” concludes Hisham El Badawy. “Looking ahead, we see great potential to explore additional IBM solutions, and we’re excited for what the future holds.”



Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Cairo, Egypt, JOBMASTER Human Capital Solutions is a leading recruitment firm. With a database of more than 150,000 candidates, JOBMASTER has helped more than more than 5,000 clients across the region find the right talent for their organization.

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