Business challenge

Needing to capture and scale specialized knowledge faster and less expensively, Jibes sought a more effective knowledge transfer strategy for its AI-based data management and analysis solutions.


Jibes uses IBM Watson technology to scale expert knowledge to benefit its lead generation, market monitoring, document mining and personal agent solutions with industry-specific data, rules and content.


Reins in development costs

with shorter design cycles that require less coding

Simplifies knowledge transfer

with a solution that can understand relationships and domain-specific language

Improves analytics capabilities

by scaling expert knowledge to yield a richer set of connections within the data

Business challenge story

A matter of timing

To help customers convert raw, unstructured data into actionable intelligence, Jibes Data Analytics had developed a portfolio of lead generation, market monitoring, document mining and personal agent solutions. “In the last six years, the market has moved from packet software to more API [application programming interface]-based solutions,” explains Paul van der Hulst, Director of Data Analytics at Jibes. “And when we started building these types of solutions, we had to build everything ourselves.”

Routinely, the largest delay occurred during the customization, or training, of the new AI-based offerings, as each customer managed unique content and data that needed to be incorporated into the analytics platform. “We would build an annotator from scratch each time,” recalls van der Hulst, “which made our lead times quite large and difficult to accelerate.”

With Watson Knowledge Studio, we could customize and train a lot faster and with more refinement.

Paul van der Hulst, Director of Data Analytics, Jibes Data Analytics

Transformation story

A promising beta program

An IBM Business Partner, Jibes participated in the beta program for the new IBM Watson Knowledge Studio solution. “We were enthusiastic about the initiative,” adds van der Hulst. “With Watson Knowledge Studio, we could customize and train a lot faster and with more refinement by directly including the subject matter experts in the customers’ domain. And the beta program offered us a dialogue with the IBM experts who were, like us, at the forefront of these technologies.”

Subject matter experts now use the Watson Knowledge Studio solution to create specialized knowledge modules—defining industry procedures, hierarchies and business rules—for the firm’s analytics offerings. “Not only can Watson recognize the things that you annotated,” adds van der Hulst, “but it can also recognize the things that resemble what you have annotated.”

The business can also pull usable data from unstructured text and files, such as legal documents and news articles, into these modules by using IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding technology. And to incorporate customized chatbot conversations, Jibes uses a Python-based middleware to link the modules to an IBM Watson Assistant solution.

Results story

A common language

Thanks to the language capabilities of the Watson technology and its partnership with IBM, Jibes can quickly and easily transfer knowledge from subject matter experts and unstructured text to its customized solutions. “Human languages are extremely diverse,” explains Dr. Ian FitzPatrick, Data Scientist at Jibes. “But the machine learning model offered by IBM allows us a level of generalization that lets us identify and define complex relationships based on context of usage.”

And these streamlined training sessions help cut delivery time and rein in overall development costs. The new IBM technology also helps Jibes create more robust analytics solutions that strengthen its standing in the industry and among customers. “We think that IBM is one of those vendors that will be leading the way into this next era of computing,” concludes van der Hulst.

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Jibes Data Analytics

With offices in the Netherlands and the UK, Jibes, an IBM Business Partner, offers customers the ability to better manage, control and understand their volumes of raw data. Founded in 2008, the business specializes in developing database management, data visualization software and advanced data analytics solutions, offering specialized industry support through its over 125 staff members, including several specialists in astrophysics, linguistics, math and computer science.

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