Up to now, most of our customers, their business departments were dependent on the IT teams… We've put the power of business logic to the business departments…now they do not need to work with IT teams to implement their business logic.

Emre Altinayar, Assistant General Manager, JForce Bilisim Teknolojileri A.S.

Business challenge

One of the most critical problem areas within the insurance and banking industries is Claims and Credit Processing. JForce found that its clients was struggling with manual processes in its claims and credit payments department leaving the customer extremely unhappy with the slow, sluggish process. JForce sought to automate many of these processes to ensure that these clients saved time, became more efficient and in turn improved customer experience.


JForce adopted the IBM Digital Business Automation suite of products to help mitigate the concerns felt by its insurance and banking clients. To address the claims and credit processing woes of its clients, JForce deployed the IBM Operational Decision Manager, IBM Business Automation Workflow and the IBM Blueworks Live products, automating about 95% of its processes. The implementation has resulted in processes that are much faster and healthier, resulting in markedly happier customers.



As a result of the implementation, the insurance company reduced its insurance claims processing period from 30 minutes to 5 minutes along with having its labor costs drastically drop down to 80%.

Solution Category

  • Hybrid Cloud Integration
  • IBM Hybrid Cloud
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