The reason why I chose the IBM solution for our platform was because IBM was the only vendor who clearly stated that data belongs to the owner.

Naomi Kano, Chief Executive Officer, Japan Pallet Rental

Business Challenge

Japan Pallet Rental company holds the number one share in the pallet rental business in Japan. Most companies from grocery and household item industry use their pallets. The company has two major objectives - one is to eliminate manual paperwork and the other is to help the clients capture and leverage their supply chain data.


In Japan, almost every company in the retail logistics sector uses pallets from Japan Pallet Rental. The company is working with IBM Services to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) technology into its operations. It is also building a collaboration platform based on the IBM Blockchain Platform to promote data sharing among players in the supply chain. The company believes that its efforts at reducing paper-based transactions and sharing data across the industry will contribute to helping Japan address the labor shortage and will save time and money within the Japanese logistics sector.

Solution Category

  • Blockchain