As a company dedicated to providing better, faster and cheaper services to our customers, we knew we needed a new solution more aligned with our service objectives... Aspera’s speed, security and ease of use enable us to provide quality service to our valued customers

Dan Eng, Director of IT, Jabil

Business Challenge story

As one of the world’s largest manufacturing services providers, with over 30 million square feet of manufacturing space, Jabil manages customers’ supply chains from product development to design engineering to final manufacturing. As Jabil’s business has grown, so has the need for faster exchange of larger and larger design files, such as CAD models and circuit diagrams, with global customers, peers and partners in order to bring innovative products to market quickly, reliably and securely.


Aspera replaced slow and tedious file package compression and the need to split up big collections of files into multiple transfers, saving team members time and effort. In addition, the solution resulted in substantial operation expense savings over their previous on-premises MFT solution. IBM® Aspera® faspex On Demand provides quick and reliable uploads and downloads of large design files to and from the IBM® Cloud Object Storage.


With high-speed FASP transfers, Aspera maximizes bandwidth and enables geographically dispersed Jabil team members, customers and partners to exchange large design and engineering files via the cloud at the fastest speeds possible, regardless of file size, transfer distance, or network conditions. Jabil has substantially improved transfer speeds, with throughput now reaching 95 Mbps. On Jabil’s most difficult production transfer, 124 GB worth of data spread across 3,400 files from several sub-folders was sent securely over the public Internet in less than 5 hours.

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