Business challenge

To provide world-class service on the island of Lanzarote and reduce costs, EPEL-CACT needed to better equip its agents to handle incoming questions while giving tourists more viable self-service options.


The cognitive mobile app returns relevant answers and helps visitors weigh their options while collecting data in the background to help the organization improve the island experience.


Reduces costs

in the customer care organization by resolving routine inquiries without human intervention

Speeds response times

and minimizes backlogs in email, live chat and phone queues

Boosts satisfaction

and improves the visitor experience across the island, encouraging repeat visits

Business challenge story

Customer care processes in need of streamlining

As a popular tourist destination, the island of Lanzarote works hard to provide a positive visitor experience. Customer care is an important part of that experience, providing a resource for visitors to discover attractions, get directions, request refunds, find lost items and more. But delivering high-quality customer care can be challenging.

EPEL-CACT invests a significant amount of time in training its agents to prepare them for the wide variety and complexity of questions they receive, but the reality is that many employees don’t stick around for long. And with limited experience and a lack of detailed knowledge, the agents sometimes found it difficult to answer questions on the spot, creating a call backlog and leaving tourists on the phone waiting.

EPEL-CACT wanted to make it easier for agents to prioritize calls, resolve complex issues and even deflect many questions through self-service options. The organization aimed to streamline its customer care processes and reduce costs while improving its responsiveness to customers.

With a cognitive-driven customer care app, we’re creating a world-class visitor experience for the island.

.Jose Juan Lorenzo, Chief Executive Officer, EPEL – Centers of Art, Culture and Tourism

Transformation story

Cognitive app transforms customer care

EPEL-CACT is using a cognitive mobile app from IBM Business Partner Red Skios S.A. to transform customer care on the island of Lanzarote and strengthen its reputation as a world-class holiday destination. Designed as a dynamic source of information for both visitors and agents, the solution was trained to diagnose and resolve common questions in near real-time, deflecting a significant portion of inbound traffic and allowing agents to focus on more complex issues.

Using natural language processing (NLP) in both Spanish and English, the solution analyzes customer content from emails and chat sessions to understand their tone and intention. It then analyzes unstructured data from frequently asked questions (FAQs), training manuals and other systems to find an appropriate answer, helping customers decide on the best course of action by comparing, contrasting and ranking different options.

For example, if a visitor purchases an extra museum ticket by mistake, the system may be able to issue a refund automatically. Over time, collecting data from each interaction, the cognitive engine can analyze patterns in how visitors experience the island, including where they visit, what problems they encounter, how they feel about different venues and where the island might improve.

Results story

Routine inquiry diversion reduces costs

The cognitive solution helps EPEL-CACT reduce costs in its customer care organization by diverting routine inquiries away from human agents and resolving them automatically. It also helps agents find information more quickly to help visitors solve more complex problems, reducing email response times and minimizing backlogs in the email, live chat and phone queues. As a result, EPEL-CACT has been able to boost customer satisfaction and improve the visitor experience across Lanzarote, encouraging repeat visits and strengthening the island’s reputation.

EPEL-CACT is transforming the visitor experience on the island of Lanzarote and strengthening its reputation as a world-class holiday destination by delivering customer care through cognitive computing. Using NLP, machine learning and sentiment analysis, the solution can understand customer inquiries and resolve many of them instantly, without waiting for a live agent. It also collects data on how visitors experience the island, analyzing their tone to identify areas in need of improvement.

In the past, customer care agents found it difficult to keep up with the constant stream of visitor questions and complaints, leaving large backlogs in email and chat queues. And they were often too inexperienced to resolve problems rapidly and to the visitors’ satisfaction. Now, visitors and agents alike have an app that can figure out what they need, deliver tailored responses and learn from the interactions to help create a frictionless, personalized experience on the island.

Ingesting unstructured data in the form of natural language queries typed or spoken by users, whether customers or agents, the solution returns appropriate answers by pulling from FAQs and other documentation. The solution can read and understand incoming email messages, automatically reply to live chat requests and escalate issues when human intervention is required.

EPEL - Centers of Arts, Culture and Tourism of Lanzarote

The Centers of Arts, Culture and Tourism (CACT) of Lanzarote—or, in Spanish, Centros de Arte, Cultura y Turismo de Lanzarote—is one of three public organizations that manage tourism on the easternmost island of the Canary Islands. In 2005, the Lanzarote Island Council appointed a public local business entity, Ente Público Empresarial Local (EPEL), to operate the centers. Referred to as EPEL-CACT, the Las Palmas, Spain-based organization strives to highlight and protect the island’s natural beauty by promoting tourism and channeling the profits into public works.

Solution components

  • IBM Bluemix

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