Artificial intelligence makes our app, and the travel experience it helps plan, personalized and unique.

Georgina Castanon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Walk and Explore

Business Challenge story

Travel can expose people to new and amazing experiences. Yet, despite well-made plans, these experiences can be hit or miss when visiting new places. Without assistance, a traveler might unknowingly bypass a wonderful restaurant or a memorable festival, show up at a museum the day it is closed, or miss an event because of bad weather.


Walk and Explore is a smart mobile application that helps individual travelers and groups avoid missed opportunities by pointing out tourism details and stories about the city they are visiting. Tapping IBM Watson Services, the app factors in weather, local context and user preferences, while a gaming element powered by the IBM Cloud integrates trivia and challenges that add spice to travel.


Due to its utility, convenience and personalization features, the app can greatly improve the travel experience. In addition, the apps gaming element generates data that tourism providers can use to engage tourists through promotions, rewards and prizes.

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