Business challenge

To support a global subscription-based telematics offering, TeMeDa needed to deploy on a highly scalable cloud hosting platform with the IT leader that holds world-class infrastructure management services as a core value proposition.


With hybrid IBM Cloud Infrastructure, TeMeDa offers high-performance, cost-effective telematics capabilities for a monthly subscription fee.


USD 1.4 million capital savings

with IBM Cloud Infrastructure services

USD 205,000 annual savings

in operating expenses

99% faster provisioning

to speed time to market

Business challenge story

Envisioning more accessible telematics

Although telematics technology has been available for decades, traditional telematics systems have proved too cumbersome and costly for many organizations. Envisioning a subscription-based solution designed to make telematics capabilities more widely accessible, TeMeDa needed a highly scalable cloud hosting platform. Additionally, the company wanted to team with an IT leader offering world-class infrastructure management services.

IBM Cloud Infrastructure services offers cost and performance leadership. The platform is prewired, preinstrumented and prestaged for worldwide solution delivery.

Stew Skomra, President and Chief Technology Officer, TeMeDa

Transformation story

Hosting in an IBM Cloud Infrastructure environment

With IBM Cloud Infrastructure hosted in Texas and Washington, DC, TeMeDa provides cloud-based telematics capabilities to customers for a monthly subscription fee. “IBM Cloud is the only supplier providing us with an option for bare metal hosting,” says Stewart Skomra, President and Chief Technology Officer for TeMeDa. “We can build an instance from the ground up and know definitively exactly what resources are available when we do scale.”

TeMeDa delivers its cloud-based offering to over 300 North American customers and anticipates expanding throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Results story

Driving down costs and speeding delivery

By hosting its telematics solution in an IBM Cloud Infrastructure environment, TeMeDa avoided a USD 1.4 million capital investment in a hosting facility. The business also estimates savings of up to USD 205,000 annually in operating expenses.

Additionally, TeMeDa accelerates infrastructure provisioning by up to 99 percent with the IBM Cloud platform, speeding time to market.

Skomra appreciates the ability to deploy solutions quickly and easily around the globe. “IBM Cloud offers cost and performance leadership,” he notes. “The platform is prewired, preinstrumented and prestaged for worldwide solution delivery.”


About TeMeDa

Headquartered in Naperville, Illinois, TeMeDa provides telematics solutions that deliver real-time actionable intelligence from mobile and fixed remote machine assets. Serving a customer base that ranges from sole proprietors to global multinational enterprises, the business helps organizations free valuable time and resources spent on status reporting.

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